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At Christ for all Nations, the pace of growth and expansion last year was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. At every step, the Lord brought the right people, gave us provision for the task, and blessed the ministry with glorious Kingdom results. In 2021, we passed the 82-million mark for salvations and counting! Here are some highlights:

Bootcamp Initiation Spring
After 3 months training in evangelism at our CfaN headquarters, over 90 Evangelism Bootcamp students packed their bags and headed to Tanzania in East Africa. This was the Bootcamp Initiation trip, the real-world test of all the training they’d received. Once they landed, teams were sent to different towns to immediately start doing outreaches, saturating each town in the Gospel.

Nations Church launch
After several months of preparation, Nations Church officially launched in Orlando, Florida, on 15 August 2021. CfaN Lead Evangelist and Nations Church Lead Pastor, Daniel Kolenda, led the capacity crowd of nearly 2500 attendees through an incredibly lively service. As Daniel Kolenda explained, “This church is on our hearts because we can’t see what God is doing in other cities around the world and watch our own city go to hell. We’re not interested in people who are already in a local church. We want to win the people who don’t know Jesus and provide them with a place where they can grow.”

What,s Next?
In the last year and a half, our Bootcamp and CfaN team members have conducted an astonishing number of children’s campaigns. We realised quickly that we needed a special booklet just for kids. Over 1.5 million copies have already been used in hundreds of children’s campaigns.

Decapolis – Summer 2021, Tanzania

533,000 reached with the Gospel
This was an historic milestone for CfaN. For the first time in the history of the ministry we successfully initiated five simultaneous mass Gospel Campaigns in five different cities: Tunduma, Iringa, Morogoro, Dodoma, and Mbeya, in Tanzania. These cities fit perfectly in the Decapolis strategy – smaller towns where our supermassive Gospel Campaign machine could never go. Two guest evangelists preached in each city, and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preached once in each campaign.

Fire Camp 21 in Horn, Austria

An equipping retreat for young evangelists
Led by Matt McCluskey, the Director for CfaN’s European events, the vision for this energising, practical retreat was to create a deep sense of family and support for those with a heart for evangelism in Europe – and give them the tools to share the Gospel with maximum effectiveness. From 1-11 July, 55 participants and the leadership team gathered at Horn Campus in Horn, Austria. It was such a great success that we are now planning eight more Fire Camps in Europe in 2022.

Operation Decapolis Fall – Dar es Salaam Tanzania

30 Gospel Campaign events in 5 days
Another high-water mark was reached in our October “Operation Decapolis”, when we held six CfaN Gospel Campaigns in six areas of Dar es Salaam, lasting five nights each. That’s thirty nights of campaign meetings – in less than a week! In addition, we conducted two weeks of “Gospel Invasion” leading up to the campaigns, where Bootcamp graduates did hundreds of outreaches in the area. In all, we documented 210,553 decisions for Christ in Dar es Salaam.

Bootcamp Initiation West Africa

Over 1800 outreaches in 3 weeks
In the weeks leading up to CfaN’s Flagship Campaign in Ibadan, Nigeria, the Fall Evangelism Bootcamp students conducted over 1800 outreaches in villages, marketplaces, and city intersections, taking the Good News to the people in every possible place. Through these outreaches, sometimes as many as nine in a single day, we counted a total of 239,903 salvation decisions – before the main event even began!

Flagship Campaign – Ibadan, Nigeria

11-14 November
More than 1.2 million people attended the CfaN Gospel Campaign in Ibadan in November. The four-day event was marked by hundreds of thousands of salvations, the evident in-filling of the Holy Spirit, physical healings, freedom from addiction, deliverance from demonic oppression, and a myriad of other miraculous encounters with God. Once again, CfaN history was made, with the grand finale of our Fire Conference in Ibadan. Fire Conferences are events for registered delegates only – primarily pastors, bishops, and church leadership. On the final morning over 150,000 delegates attended, making it the largest Fire Conference in history!

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Date published: 20/02/2022

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