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Departing from the Capital city N’Djamena in Chad, the FEBA team together with a bus full of eager youth journeyed towards Mongo, 400 km eastbound. Impatience and eagerness filled the atmosphere en route to the long-awaited Youth Camp, organised and hosted by a partner station, Radio Shahada. This was one out of several outreaches hosted by FEBA’s radio ministry team in Chad this past year.

From arid desert to fruitful, agricultural land
Immersed in a landscape of extremities, the FEBA team described their first leg of the journey, through vast desert plains, as a “vacuum of emptiness”, but on the last leg the desert gradually unveiled luscious fields of cultivated land.

Lives that were previously empty are transformed into fruitful testimonies.

A telling image
This image beautifully depicts the experience that many of FEBA’s listeners have when they hear the Gospel for the first time. Their lives that were once barren, resembling a sense of emptiness that is void of the presence of God, suddenly transforms into a thriving, vibrant world, filled with hope and new expectation for the future.

The Gospel, a spiritual oasis
With ease of access to the Gospel we often become familiar with it, forgetting what a privilege it is to have the Word of God within close reach. For others in countries like Chad, Mali, Niger, and Sudan that are heavily saturated with Islam, sound biblical teachings are an oasis in the desert.

Chad in a nutshell
Chad is a land-locked state at the crossroads of North and Central Africa, the fifth largest country in the continent and is bordered by Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. Much of the northern part lies in the Sahara and the economy is mostly driven by the cotton industry, and more recently crude oil has become a primary source of export earnings.

Throughout history the country has been marked by both internal factions, as well as extended periods of conflict with neighbouring countries. Chad remains plagued by political violence and recurrent attempted coups d’état. It is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. Regarding religion, the country is separated between the Muslim north and Christian south who often clash.

The aim of FEBA’s ministry in Chad, across the African continent, and abroad has always been to provide insight to solve problems, address society’s most urgent needs, and most importantly lead listeners to Christ.

An unreached country
All over the world, and especially in the North African countries where FEBA works, the organisation has noticed that the pressure caused by the pandemic and ensuing economic decline is driving people towards seeking answers from God. In the process they are discovering Christ and recommitting their lives to Him. In Chad, more than 50% of the population is Muslim and the rest are mostly nominally Christian. The practice of the occult and animism are also very common. Home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups, Chad is considered unreached.

The cause for women
In an interview with Thomassin Gotingar, Station Manager of Radio Shahada and Pastor and founder of the non-denominational church in N’Djamena, Les Sanctuaires De Nations, he explained how among various social dilemmas, the oppression of women is one of urgency and is being addressed through the station.

“Women are being humiliated and rejected in Chad. Originally there were three female broadcasters at our station, Sonja, Marthe, and Sandra. Sonja was too young and went back to study. Now we have Sandra and Marthe, and they have been a great inspiration to many young ladies. In the church half of my staff are women. We have five women pastors. All these pastors have preached at the station, broadcasting their sermons. They also have a follow up ministry with women, where they can contact the broadcasters directly after listening to the program and arrange to meet for fellowship.”

Legal advice for abused women
Among the numerous programs the station broadcasts, one that particularly addresses the most urgent needs of women is a show hosted by a female lawyer from the Public Interest Law Centre. Through her program she provides legal advice to help women, who are being mistreated, escape bad situations.

A comforting word
Marthe is passionate about hosting shows for her listeners and sees herself as having a voice of peace, bringing a word of comfort to a troubled heart. She inspires and uplifts thousands of women daily and provides them with the hope that they can lead a life of significance as she does.

Feedback from listeners
A hunger for God and eagerness to repent is evident in the feedback we receive from listeners:
“My life does not reflect the glory of God and I would like to meet with the pastor in order to repent. I would like to commit my life to Christ,” another listener says, “I received your number from someone who told me I can be introduced to Jesus if I call this number. I need your help.”

Team Up With FEBA
If you feel led to join forces with FEBA, you are invited to partner with the organisation. Please visit their website: febaradio.co.za or call 012 335 5708

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Date published: 17/03/2022

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