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We arrived in Malawi in December 2021 on a mission trip – we could not wait to unpack our bags at Fish Eagle Bay lodge. My son, Dawid, and I wanted to confirm with our own eyes the result of a reported miracle. Apparently a little girl called Hamima, whose legs were previously paralysed and whom we had prayed for, could now walk.

Thanks to Jesus, little Hamima can now run around and play with the other children

A Muslim brings a paralysed girl for prayer
Except for 2020, Dawid and I have visited Malawi on a yearly mission outreach each year since 2017. We usually stay at this lodge, which belongs to a friend of mine. Right behind the lodge is a small village, headed up by a Muslim chief called Amite Asani.

During a visit in August 2019, Amite brought his granddaughter to us for prayer whilst we were strolling through his village. Dawid placed her on his lap and we did what we usually do – we laid hands on her and prayed for her miraculous healing in the Name of Jesus. We tested her legs after the prayer and sadly, there was no improvement.
A little while later, we were notified by the girl’s grandfather that she had gotten up and started walking with no outside intervention, he credited the miracle to our prayers. I was cautiously optimistic and wanted to see for myself if this was true.

We need to do what Jesus instructed us to do – which is to heal the sick in His Name (Matt 10:8).

Dawid with the chief, Amite Asani. He brought Hamima specifically so that Dawid and Hermien could see for themselves that his granddaughter can now walk. 

No one believed that she would ever be able to walk
Great was our surprise and delight when Amite arrived at the lodge, walking hand in hand with the little girl. I told Amite that Dawid was the one who had the faith that she would walk, as I had little faith when I saw the condition of her legs. Amite confessed that none of his family had believed that the little girl would ever walk as she had been this way since birth.

‘It was your prayers, not magic powers’
He said that it was quite incredible when she started walking, and it was as if he was in a dream when it happened. Amite credited the miracle to our prayers and said, “As a family we want to thank you, because you conducted prayers at our house as if she was your own child. You must keep on praying for people who have the same problem. It is your prayers that did this, not magic powers.”

Jesus, the great Healer
I emphasised the source of the miracle’s healing power and said, “Yes, Amite, it is the result of prayer, but prayer in the Name of Jesus – because He is the great Healer. In our own strength we cannot do this.” Amite encouraged me to tell other people about this wherever we go, to show them photos as proof that on her first day of school she walked there all on her own.

Dancing with joy
Fuelled with faith by what I saw and heard, I preached in the local church the next Sunday and invited people for healing prayer after the service. An elderly gentleman who was sitting on the floor raised his hand and said he could not walk, because his body was wracked with pain. I knelt and laid my hands on his legs. When I prayed for him, his face lit up. I told him to stand up and walk, but instead he leapt up and joyfully started dancing around, saying that the pain was gone. I danced around with him, rejoicing in what Jesus had just done.

On the mission field we need to see the compassion and resurrected power of Jesus demonstrated.

Hermien and the elderly man who was healed of the pain in his body

Man can use his hand again
On a previous mission trip something similar had happened. We gave Saidi, also a Muslim chief, a lift to Nkhotakota, the nearest town from where we stay on Lake Malawi. He was complaining about severe pain from arthritis in his hand. His hand was so weak that he could not even lift a plastic bowl.

Dawid and I prayed for him in the Name of Jesus and commanded the pain to leave. The next morning when we went for a walk next to the lake, we saw Saidi with an axe in his hand, clearing the reeds on the bank of the lake. Later he came to testify that he got the use of his hand back and that all pain and weakness was gone. He was overjoyed, gratitude flooded our hearts. There is nothing so encouraging as to see the Gospel destroying the works of the devil and to experience the relief in people’s lives when the healing power of God goes into operation.

The resurrection power of Jesus
On the mission field we need to see the compassion and resurrected power of Jesus demonstrated. People are poor and medical help is limited. Signs, wonders, and miracles are powerful methods of spreading the good news of the Gospel. Jesus went about healing people who were sick and disabled (Acts 10:38). We have to model our lives on His life. We cannot afford to settle for a lesser standard, a powerless and dumbed-down religion. We need to do what Jesus instructed us to do – which is to heal the sick in His Name (Matt 10:8).

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Date published: 03/18/2022
Feature image: Dawid with Hamima on his lap when her legs were still paralysed

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