Compiled by: Gillian Fraser

President Ramaphosa recently announced that Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has taken a three-and-a-half month leave period. The decision by the Chief Justice is normal judicial procedure, his office says.

In a statement, Constitutional Court spokesperson Nathi Mncube said regulations permit judges to take three-and-a-half months leave for every period of four years of actual service. Mncube explained, “This leave is referred to as long leave within the judiciary. The Chief Justice’s four-year cycle to take his long leave commenced on 1 July 2018, but he was unable to take it due to his judicial and extra-judicial commitments.”

Mogoeng requested that Justice Sisi Khampepe be appointed as acting Chief Justice, effective from 1 May 2021 when Mogoeng’s leave began.

Mogoeng, whose term as Chief Justice officially comes to an end at the end of October, recently made headlines for his view on South Africa’s foreign policy on Israel, after comments he made during a webinar meeting held in June 2020.

Christian and Jewish groups came to Mogoeng’s defence after he came under attack from the ANC and anti-Israel groups. The Chief Justice is currently appealing a judicial conduct committee’s findings of misconduct, for which he was ordered to apologise.

Mogoeng, who is South Africa’s longest-serving Chief Justice and is known for his Godly values, is fiercely committed to South Africa’s constitution, upholding the law, and is sold out to Jesus!

In an exclusive interview with JOY! Magazine previously, Mogoeng said, “I am a vessel in the hands of God. I have learnt to never pursue ambition because I realise that without the backing of the Almighty God, I’m finished, I’m nothing. Therefore, I have placed myself at the disposal of God.”

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Date published: 19/05/2021
Feature image: Gallo Images/Brenton Geach

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  1. I am so sad that the country is losing a person of such stature. He was and is a shining light in a country totally destroyed by greed, corruption and mismanagement. We can only pray that GOD will provide a suitable replacement

  2. The Lord has the final say in where man begins and where he shall end.
    In the final analysis the Lord wrote that humankind will look upon the Face of our Lord, and MOURN.
    Man’s self sustainable and self righteous philosophy would have no place in God’s Kingdom.

  3. The most important thing in my view is that Mogoeng sets his worldly status as just that, He sees and has seen the Light!.
    Thank God this man is following God’s directive and not man’s pitiful insight. His words to the world are 100% in line with the Bible, nothing else matters. Man’s opinion is just that, goes nowhere. Man appears to have a tendency to create God in his image. As Christ says, either you are with ME or AGAINST ME, YOU choose.
    I admire the valour of Mogoeng. He never wavers, falters or fears. A man God can use and indeed He is.

  4. It is a shame to the spiritual degeneration of the ANC and others.
    We need godliness more than ever in a country that boast up to 80%
    Christian populace.

  5. It is so sad that an organisation (ANC) that was founded on biblical values, has lost the plot so completely that they cannot and will not support God our Creator. We as a country must pray that we are blessed with another godly person as the chief justice once Mogoeng ends his term. His unwavering belief has been wonderful to see and the judicial conduct committee’s finding would appear to be a political decision. There is nothing that our chief justice said that justifies a verdict of misconduct and I pray that he rests well during this time while handling the issue.


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