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Our DARE TO LOVE team arrived in Cosmo City, ready to plant veggie gardens at a school but when we arrived, something didn’t feel quite right. It was as if the Lord had other plans for us.

We had the soil, compost, tyres for planting in, tools, and the seedlings ready. Everything was prepped and ready and we were all set to do everything at this school but couldn’t shake the feeling that this was not the place we were meant to be. One of the men from the community that had come out to help said he knew a lady in the area that we should connect with.
He called her and she told us that she had just the space to plant a veggie garden and said we were welcome to plant our veggies there. So, we packed everything up and headed in her direction.
When we arrived, we were completely surprised at what we saw. By faith she had already cleared the veld, removed all the grass and the weeds, and had been digging up the soil. She had already been clearing the ground and preparing the gardens for about a week all the while praying and trusting the Lord for seedlings.
Our call was an answer to her prayers. She didn’t know how it was going to happen but had been preparing her land in faith. She told us she had cried out to GOD, “Lord, its already been raining and the ground is ready but where am I going to get seedlings” She put her faith in God to provide and the next day she diligently went back to work preparing her land for planting and fully trusting God for His supply.
And that’s when she got the phone call from our DARE TO LOVE team saying, “We’ve got seedlings and we don’t know where to plant them.” God sent us directly to this little lady, Bongi, who was less than 5km away from the place we’d originally planned to plant the veggies. The Lord heard her cries and led us directly to her.
When we arrived, the kids from the community all came running out and joyfully helped us prepare the rest of the area. They were singing and dancing and praising God while we worked and we all had a wonderful time planting the seedlings.
That day, we managed to get beautiful veggie gardens planted in the section that Bongi had already prepared and we placed another 40+ tyres in a patch very close by along the sidewalk. What a beautiful and extraordinary day!
The miracles didn’t stop there. We also needed slashers to cut the grass in the area around the gardens. While we were preparing the land, a garden service arrived, with around 5 weed-eaters and cut the grass down for us.
At the end of the day, we collected all the grass that was cut down by the garden service and placed it in a huge heap that can now be used to make compost for the veggie gardens. Bongi will be coming in for training this week and we will teach her how we make compost. This will speed up the compost production process as well as create micro compost businesses for the community. Praise God – such a beautiful miracle!

The day was filled with the goodness of our Lord. Absolute joy!

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Date published: 22/02/2022
Feature image: www.facebook.com

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  1. Awesome work, may God bless and open hearts to such beautiful program. It good to see that also kids are involved which is a great initiative. Keep it up!!

  2. I’ve always liked community work and what sister is doing with the community feeding scheme it’s amazing. My the lord continue bless their hands.Tha


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