Written by: Pearl Kupe

South Africa is reeling from yet another gruesome murder of a beautiful young lady. This time, it was the young and vivacious Tshego (Tshegofatso) Pule.

The body of Tshegofatso Pule was recently found dumped under a tree in Johannesburg. She was a young girl with a promising future, whose life was mercilessly cut short by a murderer. The word Tshegofatso means “blessing” in SeTswana. Tshegofatso’s killer has robbed her family and the nation of South Africa of the blessing she could have been.

Where do we go South Africa from here??
The nation has shed many tears and has prayed many prayers concerning this matter. James 2:17 tells us that “… faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”. It is time to rise up in action and to provide solutions and action plans going forward.

The offenders and potential offenders must be given attention.
We call on the SA government and Ministers of Justice and all justice related departments to give this matter the immediate attention it deserves. President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a state of emergency in September with regard to gender based violence. In March this year South Africa declared COVID 19 to be a national disaster and the government has demonstrated to the nation during this COVID 19 times, that it is capable of addressing a matter and putting all its resources and efforts to a particular cause when it wants.

We call on the SA government to demonstrate the same kind of political and legislative effort in addressing GBV issues and the murder of innocent women.
Legislation alone, however, will not eradicate this GBV cancer. In 1992, I was privileged to be part of a group in Botswana that helped amend criminal legislation to increase the sentence given to rapists who were HIV/AIDS positive. After changing the legislation and increasing the sentence, the rape statistics went even higher. I learnt from this, that trying to change legislation, without changing the minds and hearts of the offenders is a futile exercise.

The offenders and potential offenders must be given attention.
Hurt people hurt and wound others. This is not to exonerate offenders. Indeed justice must be served, but we must also ensure that those who need healing are healed so they will stop hurting others. Hearts harboring hurt and evil intent must be healed. Legislation cannot change the heart, but the love of God extended and shown through His people can.

The offenders and potential offenders must be given attention.
The Word of God says in Romans 12:2 that our minds must be renewed. It is the renewal of minds that provokes transformation. If minds are not renewed, then people end up conforming to the ways of the world. The ways of the world are mostly selfish, wicked and self-serving.

SA statistics tell us that there are millions of fatherless children in South Africa. There are millions of boy children and males who have no concept or understanding of what it means to be a real man. They think that by flexing their muscles and exhibiting their testosterone based strength that they are being manly. Where are the real men that can educate them on how to really be a man?

To every man out there, we, women, are not your enemies. We are under siege and yet we still refuse to call you trash #MenAreNotTrash. You are our brothers, our fathers, our uncles and our grandfathers. May God help you to understand that we too are not Trash. We are your sisters, your mothers, your aunties and your grandmothers. We look to you for encouragement and support, not to be beaten, raped or murdered! 

I want to leave a challenge for the Church and Body of Christ to ask what we are doing to confront this major ill of society.

I want to leave a challenge for Men’s networks like Men on Track Bishop TI Mthimkulu, Moruti Montoedi Kotu and Doc Sethole, Men in Prayer Pastor George Ngwenya and Phila Ndoda Mfundisi, Pastor Zolile Dayimani, and many others. Thabo Mahlobo, your book on “Daddy, Please come home” is a needed resource in this matter. There are many more networks that need to take a leading role in addressing this malaise in our society.

#KeNako #Itstime#Masithandaze #Masikhulume #Masisebenzeni
#Let’sPray, #Let’sTalk #Let’sAct#GodGaveUsBreath #LetUsBreathe

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Date published: 15/06/2020
Feature image: Tshego (Tshegofatso) Pule
Pearl KupeAttorney & International consultant to world leaders & International organizations is International President-Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com

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  1. The church need to speak up on GBV. Boys and Men need male figures as mentors to speak life in the heart of me. We need more of male role model who walk the talk in Churches in our families, communities, our government. The influence of bad media has to transform to more of positive messages that are building. Women’s Body should be respected. Every second advert is a naked body of a woman.

    Thank you woman of God for this article that will fuel other servants of God who share the same sentiments to speak up.

  2. Totally insufficient has been done about this matter on the ground. It matters nothing that the president goes on the news and laments the evils that take place in his society and states how bad they are! People need to be trained and equipped then positioned permanently within residential areas accross the country. They must operate like offices (even if they have to share with police for now) within reach in every area with trained men and women like policemen/women, psychologists, social workers, Christian counsellors and security personnel who can enter into negotiations amongst family members on a ongoing basis. The culture MUST CHANGE! The government MUST get serious about this. It’s an absolute shame that crime and murder continue (even on farmers) while the president simply and blatantly denies it! And even Malema promotes murder. Such public comments lead to general anarchy. No matter who the victims are, women, children, old people or farmers, if leadership doesn’t take ownership of ALL of it, how on earth will people on the ground change, seriously! People think “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Get it together in Jesus’ name! … for the sake of our nation, people and future. Please.

  3. You say “Men are not trash” and yet the narrative in the main media is precisely the opposite. Words have power. If you keep telling a certain group of people they are trash, they’re going to eventually act like trash. There is a DEFINITE and profound problem of fatherlessness – and it is all in the enemy’s scheme of things. Since the family unit have been eradicated, and fathers are being seen as unnecessary, where has this world gone to? It’s getting worse by the day.
    For a change, start telling young boys that they mean something – that they are strong to PROTECT and to SERVE. Not to cause harm. Stop telling young boys that their masculinity is toxic – because anything can be toxic if it is used in the wrong way. Even femininity can be toxic, but that is not something you’ll read about in the mainstream media.
    We’re not doing ourselves any favours by continuing telling men that they are evil. Another thing that makes me very angry is the generalist talk of things – as if ALL MEN have declared war on women. Do you acknowledge the men that stand up and say #enough-is-enough?
    When I read something like: “To every man out there, we, women, are not your enemies. We are under siege and yet we still refuse to call you trash #MenAreNotTrash. You are our brothers, our fathers, our uncles and our grandfathers. May God help you to understand that we too are not Trash. We are your sisters, your mothers, your aunties and your grandmothers. We look to you for encouragement and support, not to be beaten, raped or murdered!”, it makes me feel like I AM your enemy just because I’m male.
    Just start acknowledging the men that are indeed appalled by violence and GBV and start speaking life into the male gender as well, and you will see how the presumably “few” that are really fighting against this problem, will blossom and ignite others to follow suit.

  4. You cannot force people to change to Christ.
    You cannot change peoples hearts through education, only their minds which are still corrupt.
    The law of Moses needs to be applied to those who murder.

  5. Oh Lord help us to know what is it that we can do to make the Government respond as we are praying.

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