Written by: Amir George
Article source: www.charismanews.com

As technology advances at an astounding pace, believers struggle to keep up with the newest developments, and in particular a new technology: cryptocurrency.

“I believe God has allowed the development of new technologies to advance the gospel and protect the church” says Dennis Wadley, founder of Buck4GoodProcessing4Good and his most recent development, AXMCrypto.com. This new venture is a cryptocurrency designed not only as a personal financial vehicle but as a founding example to help the 7 million victims of the genocide that is about to hit Day 500 in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.

“The goal of this new cryptocurrency is to be a source of funding for many needs around the globe, including the missionary movement,” Wadley continues, “In a day of cancel culture, believers not only in the U.S., but also many of the nearly 140,000 American missionaries worldwide, are suffering in the same manner as they face cancellation of bank accounts, an inability to receive monthly financial support overseas and multiple cancellations, which have dramatically increased since the pandemic.

“God has raised up this nation, going back to our Founding Fathers, to be a beacon of light and hope for the world,” Wadley says. “Because of our religious liberty, Christianity has flourished, allowing the gospel to spread across the globe.” His words echo the Scripture in Mark 16:15 (ESV) known as the Great Commission: “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

“We have been praying about how to support the church, not only in the United States, but as a missionary myself, in the church worldwide, so we can set up a parallel economy to keep the mission of the church growing in the face of growing persecution, most readily felt on various financial platforms,” Wadley says.

Buck4good is the premier Christian crowdfunding platform that allows churches and individuals to raise support for ministry, Processing4Good is a credit card processing option for churches, missionaries and individuals who are canceled by their banks, and the new platform—AXMCrypto.com—is developing a cryptocurrency platform to allow ministries to support their efforts in the face of the onslaught of cancel culture.

Believers can easily set up accounts in any of the platforms. Pastors and missionaries can sign up and immediately begin to use the services. And Christian companies, many of which find themselves being canceled simply for standing up for Christ, are assured of the foundation of the new parallel economy dedicated to the gospel and to the proclamation of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, boldly and with power to the world.

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Date published: 30/03/2022
Feature image: www.axmcrypto.com

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