Eight years ago, I wrote two articles that dealt with the Hate Speech Bill, which at the time would be coming up for consideration soon in South Africa. The intention of the articles was to draw the nation’s attention to the coming attempt by the State to regulate and silence the Church and interfere with our ability to exercise our right of freedom of religion.

We are now witnessing this full blown attempt in action
The CRL – otherwise known as the Commission for the Promotion and Protection Of Cultural, Religious, And Linguistic Community Rights – has, for the past couple of years, embarked on a single-minded journey to regulate the Church of Jesus Christ. I say ‘Church’ specifically because the focus has been on regulating and interfering in the matters of the Church and not on any other faiths. This is a clear cut attempt to wage war against the Church and followers and disciples of Christ. 

Interfering with the church’s mandate
This attempt is also in line with a global tendency and trend to try and silence the Church from fulfilling its mandate to be salt and the light. On a spiritual level, the Church was never meant to be regulated. Instead, it is supposed to be the Body that provides and gives direction to society, communities, and nations overall. In attempting to regulate the Church, the CRL will clearly be interfering with this key mandate.

Don’t disempower the Church
Should the evil practices of some individuals in the Body of Christ be allowed to continue? Most definitely not, however, there is enough legislation and sufficient criminal procedures and bodies in South Africa that have been created to stop any criminal and illegal practices that are committed by charlatans within the Body of Christ. The focus must now be to empower those bodies and institutions to function effectively, and not to disempower the Church from functioning effectively. 

The purpose of this article is to raise a few questions with the CRL. The mandate of the CRL is apparently to:
• “Strengthen constitutional democracy.” Why, then does the CRL attempt to regulate the Church and, by so doing, ignore Chapter 2 of the South African constitution which guarantees freedom of religion, belief, and opinion? How will the CRL be strengthening constitutional democracy by flagrantly contravening a provision of the very same constitution?

• “Provide space for each of the cultural, religious, and linguistic communities”. Why then does the CRL not give that “space” to the Christian faith, and focus its attention on only regulating the Christian faith, thereby discriminating against them in contravention of section 9 of the South African Constitution?

• “To promote unity amongst diverse communities.” Why then have all your efforts brought major division and disunity amongst the various faiths and more so within the Body of Christ?

• The CRL mission is “To foster the rights of communities to freely observe and practice their culture, religion, and language.” Why then is the CRL attempting to muzzle the Christian faith and attempting to stop us from freely practicing our faith as stated in their mission statement?

• There have been innumerable deaths and injuries that have occurred through the practice of certain cultural traditions. What efforts has the CRL made to stop/minimise the serious harm caused by the practices? If any have been made, why are they not bearing positive results?

These are a just few questions for the CRL to consider and answer before they attempt to regulate the Church.

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Date published: 18/08/2019
Written by: Dr. Pearl Kupe is an attorney & International consultant to World leaders & International organisations & International President-Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com
Article source: JOY! Magazine


  1. Am afraid the Church itself is to blame for this interference. Running to court to sort out their differences opposite gay marriages etc etc. The so called church bringing evil into the church with celebrating alcohol and exposing the congregation to eat all kinds of things, has created a loophole to interfere.
    This has led to this interference and now there is no stopping them.
    Only GOD can help us and may He forgive our foolishness for allowing this to happen


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