Of the nine unreached people groups in Mozambique, Far East Broadcasting Association (FEBA) Radio South Africa reaches five of these groups through its stations: The Yao, Mwani, Makwe, Makonde, and Makhuwa. FEBA’s stations also broadcast in three additional languages: Ngoni, Portuguese, and Chichewa.

Programmes that feed the mind as well as the soul
FEBA owns and operates three stations in northern Mozambique: Radio FOT (Fountain of Truth) in Lichinga; Radio Chiuanjota (Quenching the Thirst) in Chiconono – currently serving as a relay station for Radio FOT – and Radio Nuru (Light of Dawn) in Macomia. All three of these stations broadcast Gospel-based programmes. Much of the programme content involves studying the Bible, providing sermons, and the like – but these stations also broadcast educational and humanitarian programmes.

Popular listening clubs with believers as well the unsaved
In addition to these very popular stations, FEBA also runs an intensive follow-up programme. Follow-up teams reach out to listeners and help them to establish listener clubs. A listener club consists of a group of 20 to 30 people who all listen to FEBA’s broadcasts together. We currently have 10 000 such listening clubs in Mozambique, and many of their members are not yet Christians.

Outdoor broadcasts lead to large numbers of conversions
Earlier this year, Radio FOT aired live outdoors broadcasts in two different towns in Mozambique. Only 3% of the villagers are Christians. After listening to our programmes for a few months, they invited the local station manager of Radio FOT, Mr. Bright Sonjera, and his team to share the Good News with them. Our team also distributed Bibles and audio Bibles amongst the listeners. More than forty people gave their lives to the Lord and more listening clubs were established in these villages. Five of the forty people who became Christians are government officials. 

Listeners are grateful
Referring to the audio Bible, one of the listeners said in an interview, “Thank you for this wonderful gift that I received from Radio FOT. I would like you to continue broadcasting the programmes to us. “

Cyclone Idai pummels listeners
Earlier this year, Mozambique was been hit by two destructive cyclones that had a huge impact on our listeners. After a few days of heavy rainfall, tropical cyclone Idai hit Mozambique on March 14 near the coastal city of Beira. To date, this has been the strongest cyclone recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. Many people’s lives in parts of Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe were affected by the storm.

Millions uprooted and hundreds killed
According to various reports from local and international news agencies, nearly one million people have been displaced, trapped in isolated areas, or injured. Mr. Celso Correira – the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development of Mozambique – confirmed that the death toll reached more than 1200. 

Radio station assists victims
According to Mr. Sonjera, there was severe flooding within a 100 km radius of two of our radio stations in the Niassa Province, but not as catastrophic as the flooding in Beira. Radio FOT broadcast a message of solidarity with the victims. The radio station also ran a campaign to collect emergency supplies for the people in Cuamba, Majuni, and Mecanhelas.

Cyclone Kenneth hits FEBA’s radio station
Six weeks later, on April 25, cyclone Kenneth hit the far north-eastern part of Mozambique. During this storm, FEBA’s radio station – Radio Nuru – had its property and staff housing severely damaged. The heavy rainfall and strong winds of cyclone Kenneth, which lasted for four days, caused major flooding and destruction of crops, homes, and other infrastructure. According to a report by Rev. Andries Schwartz – a missionary who currently runs and maintains the radio station with his wife, Sunette – roughly 70 000 people in the Macomia area were hit by the storm. About 90% of the residents lost their homes and we had to send emergency funds to rebuild the destroyed homes of five FEBA broadcasters.
Two of FEBA’s affiliated pastors also lost their homes and church buildings, and a portion of our radio station’s roof blew off. The radio transmitter also suffered damage and a new transmitter had to be purchased and sent to them in haste. 

Supporters’ prayers and contributions bring relief
Both cyclones caused tremendous grief in Mozambique, but thanks to supporters of FEBA Radio South Africa’s prayers and contributions, Radio Nuru was able to start broadcasting again within a few days. FEBA’s work in Mozambique is not anywhere near completion, and we are grateful that we can also broadcast the hope of the Gospel there, amidst the sadness and devastation. For more information about FEBA’s work, contact us on 012 335 5708 or info@febaradio.co.za

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Date published: 17/08/2019
Written by: Liezl Erlank and Eva Pretorius
Article source: JOY! Magazine