Written by: Errol Naidoo

UNESCO Controlled DBE Meeting With Religious and Traditional Leaders Descends Into Boo’s Jeers and Mockery Of Christian Leaders Concerns With CSE!

The Department of Basic Education’s (DBE) meeting with religious and traditional leaders held in Pretoria on 23 January 2020 appeared to be a carefully orchestrated scheme to shame and harangue Christian leaders into supporting the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) agenda. The stated objective of the meeting was, “to clarify CSE in the Life Orientation curriculum and to provide stakeholders, including religious and traditional leaders, with the opportunity to engage and review the content in the developed Scripted Lesson Plan (SLP’s).” In addition, “the meeting will offer an opportunity for an ‘inter dialogue’ with young people on the issue of CSE.” The “young people” turned out to be sexual rights activists and CSE champions who’s primary purpose in the meeting appeared to be to attack and criticise Pastors “for their ignorance, hypocrisy and sexual abuse.”

The meetings facilitator, Prof Mbulelo Dyasi opened the meeting by asking delegates to speak their minds, respect each-others opinions and engage in civil debate. He stressed the “DBE and the religious sector must find common ground on CSE to address the high rates of HIV infections and sexual abuse amongst children.” Dr Granville Whittle, the Deputy Director-General in the DBE made the opening remarks. The arrogant and condescending manner of his address set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Dr Whittle firstly scolded the un-invited religious leaders that “forced their way into meeting” declaring, “it is not on!” He claimed “religious leaders that opposed CSE were mainly ignorant, responding to fake news and most probably did not read the curriculum.” He further claimed, “most of the Church’s opposition to CSE is based on homophobia and warned the room that sexual orientation is protected by the constitution.” It is clear the DBE translates these constitutional protections into a mandate to legitimise and promote the homosexual lifestyle to children via CSE. Interestingly, Dr Whittle did not mention the constitutional rights of religious freedom, the rights to belief, conscience and opinion and the rights of parents to determine the nature and values of their children’s education. In short, Dr Whittle dictated to the assembled religious leaders that “CSE is the curriculum developed by the DBE and we must get on board or else!”

Several leaders raised their hands, including myself, to respond to Dr Whittle’s tirade. I reminded the DBE officials that many religious leaders had to force their way into the room because the vast majority of Pastor’s who applied to attend the meeting were rejected. The DBE, guided and controlled by UNESCO, carefully selected the religious and traditional leaders they invited to participate in this “dialogue.” Many of the religious leaders invited by the SA National Aids Council (SANAC), were included because they were in agreement with CSE in the first place. Their role was to influence leaders who opposed CSE by highlighting the “wonderful aspects of the program by exaggerating its alleged benefits.” When I enquired why so many Pastors applications were declined, The DBE official, replied, “senior national religious leaders were invited by SANAC and were requested to cascade the information to their provincial and regional affiliates. However, none of the known senior Christian denominational leaders were in attendance. UNESCO very clearly controlled the narrative and the way the meeting flowed. After UNESCO and DBE officials made their presentations, Prof Dyasi allowed comments and questions from the floor.

Significantly, however, what the UNESCO and DBE officials presented was not CSE. It was a sanitised version of the sexuality education that the DBE claims “was part of the curriculum since 2000.” Interestingly and despite these claims, in one of the presentations, the slide clearly indicates the South African Government signed on to CSE at a meeting in Cape Town organised by UN agencies and funded by liberal Western European governments in December 2013. No South African educators or School Governing Bodies (SGB’s) were involved. Presenter after presenter stressed, “CSE was not parachuted into SA from the US.” But all the evidence reveal, CSE was developed by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and global sexual rights radicals to sexually indoctrinate the world’s children to normalise and promote “children’s rights” to sexual pleasure, abortion-on-demand, experimentation with high risk sexual behaviours, LGBTQ lifestyle acceptance and promotion and gender theory. In fact, Dr Whittle confirmed “CSE is a rights based approach to sexuality”(and not a health based approach). DBE presenters also referred to “research that support and verify the success of CSE globally.” However, there are tons of independent studies and research by respected global groups that prove the utter failure of CSE worldwide! A study conducted on the results of CSE in 103 nations including Sub-Saharan countries showed CSE failed comprehensively in all of them. The claims made by UNESCO were refuted.  DBE/UNESCO officials claimed, “Abstinence education failed in SA, so that’s why they support CSE.” But independent research indicates the exact opposite!

Family Policy Institute

The purpose for the inclusion of the “young people” in the meeting became clear during question and comment time. The young activist and CSE champions appeared to all follow a similar pattern of condemning and mocking the Church. A young lady that identified herself as a gender activist, said she was raped by a Pastor when she was a little girl. She also mocked the “Pastors in the room who opposed CSE but fell asleep during DBE/UNESCO presentations.” This comment was met by raucous laughter by the “young people.” Another “religious leader” asked, “Where is the Church when children are being raped and abused daily?” This comment was also loudly cheered by the activists. A young man claimed he was “raped by a white teacher as a young boy.” He said, “he was taught white people were superior and were like gods so we don’t talk about these things.” A lady sitting at the officials table and who claimed to be a Christian leader said, “her father raped her as a child. When she confided in her Pastor, he told her to hush it up.” The activists booed and jeered. Another young man asked the religious leaders in the room, “Why do you want to deny us this information when you are ignorant.” A young lady claimed, “Her Pastor talked about responsible sexual behaviour but his own children were sexually promiscuous.” It became abundantly obvious that the young activists, that reportedly were prepped in a separate briefing with DBE/UNESCO officials the night before, were included in the religious leaders meeting to attack, demean, mock and shame the Pastors into supporting the CSE agenda.

Tragically, despite the facilitator requesting respect for others opinions and a civil debate, Pastors were booed, heckled and shouted down by the young activists. A senior Christian leader told of his struggle against apartheid. He opposed CSE because of the lack of consultation with parents and educators. When he remarked about “UNESCO’s funding of the DBE’s CSE agenda and the many activists and CSE champions in the room,” he was loudly booed and jeered. The activists demanded his microphone be turned off as he was speaking. They turned off his mic. The Christian leader raised his voice and continued speaking while activists screamed and mocked him.” A female leader apologised to the activist that claimed “A pastor raped her as a child.” The Christian leader said, “That man was not truly a Pastor, if he knew Jesus Christ, he would never do this.” Her comment was met with loud boo’s and jeers. In fact, the facilitator, who was supposed to be objective chimed in and told the female leader, “This man was definitely a Pastor!” How he knew this is anybody’s guess. The meeting eventually descended into Pastor’s attempting to articulate their valid concerns with CSE and the young activists and religious and traditional leaders affiliated with the DBE/UNESCO attacking, criticising and demeaning their views. Government took no responsibility for the high rates of HIV infections among youth or the intolerable rates of sexual abuse and teen pregnancies in the country. Instead, it appears it lays the blame on the Christian Church. The Church’s failure to support CSE and its archaic belief system is apparently what fuels sexual abuse, ignorance and inequality.

The only conclusion I can draw from this disaster is that the DBE’s UNESCO funded and controlled meeting with religious and traditional leaders was a set up from the start. It is a massive deception and misinformation campaign orchestrated by a government captured by UN agencies. The DBE had no intention of engaging with the Church or respectfully hearing their views. Most of the Pastors who wanted to engage with the DBE were rejected anyway. Even I struggled to get an invitation despite the Minister of Basic Education assuring me in her response letter that, “Family Policy Institute would be invited to the dialogue.” After my initial comments in the morning, the facilitator made sure I did not speak again even though I raised my hand several times. I reminded them earlier that government repeatedly said, “We must find African solutions for African problem.” CSE is definitely not an African solution. Just like the Gupta crime family “guided and controlled” government – even appointing cabinet members – because of their financial clout, UNESCO is controlling the public relations and narrative on CSE in South Africa because of its financial backing. The threat against South Africa’s vulnerable children is dire. The debacle in Pretoria is a tragic indication of the DBE’s open contempt for the Christian Church’s Biblical beliefs and convictions. There is no middle ground. The DBE made it clear, religious leaders must comply! The DBE/UNESCO insistence that CSE will go ahead despite widespread concern with its pro-abortion and pro-homosexual ideology, must be a clarion call to the Bible-believing Church, parents and responsible educators to stand up and actively and aggressively oppose this diabolical sexual indoctrination agenda for the sake of the health and innocence of our children.

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Date published: 24/01/2020

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  1. I decided to write to my child’s school, objecting to the CSE, this is what I wrote:

    “To The School Governing Body:

    With reference to the proposed CSE being planned for our nation’s schools, we as parents do hereby register our most vehement opposition to the proposed curriculum. 
    The vast majority of the curriculum is without warrant or merit.

    We as parents must give the Education Dept the curriculum we want our children to learn, says Angie Motshekga.

    South African parents and schools be warned: we must not allow this CSE as official legislation, or believe the DBE promises that teachers don’t have to teach it.
    There is a minimum that MUST be taught.
    Some teachers WILL teach it all.
    After a very short time, they will enforce FULL teaching of it by every teacher, or they will no doubt be punished or fired.
    We see this methodology of the current Regime in the examples of Licensed Marriage Officers being forced to perform same-sex marriages, and health professionals being forced to approve and assist abortion, or face official censure.

    We are not unaware of the source and agenda of the CSE.
    This is a direct and blatant attack on our children and in our society by horrific sinister forces. To call it any less is to have lost the fight from the beginning.

    The particular people who wish to bring this filth, and filth it is, into our schools, are only corrupted servants of the depraved class of hedonist who wish to rule the earth in the way that the enemy of mankind, Satan, instructs them, and Satan’s plan is to kill, steal and destroy. 

    These people are a minority, and not South Africans. Whatever South Africans there may be who are taking orders from them, they do not represent the wishes of South African Parents.

    Those in Government who are trying so hard to push these hedonistic Globalist agendas must know that they are highly unpopular with the man in the street. There must surely be financial incentive or reward of some sort being offered to them? If so, let it be disclosed.

    The Lord Jesus has said that this Satan was a liar from the beginning, and the truth is not in him. Satan goes about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour whom he may, because he knows that his time is short. That he will get the chance to rule earth for a few short years is a known fact, but we who love our children and our nation and country need not accept any premature vileness or destruction in our time and in our own country, for it is not his time yet, nor does he get his way except by economic coercion and violence. Nor when he rules will we accept his evil.
    We shall take it on good faith that this government of South Africa is not given to coercion or violence, or Satanism. 

    We therefore resist and reject in its entirety this CSE from hell.

    A child does not need to be taught all the wrong answers to a sum such as 1+1, he needs to be taught the correct answer, and why other answers are wrong. The symbol 2 stands for the word “two” which is the name of the quantity represented by 1+1. The symbol 1 stands for the name of the quantity defined as unity, a singularity recognised as axiomatic in nature.
    Just so, in nature the concepts of right and wrong are axiomatic. There can be no such thing as law and order without it. For there to be such a thing as Right, and such a thing as Human Rights, there must necessarily be such a thing as Wrong, otherwise the concept of Right, and therefore Human Rights, becomes meaningless.
    For the violation of right is what we by definition in our standard dictionaries call wrong (verb transitive). That is the name and meaning of the word.

    Right and wrong are innate senses in the conscience of every human being, a conscience which by healthy upbringing is nurtured, like every other good thing, but which is frequently, however, corrupted by upbringing in unhealthy society. 
    The CSE is strongly representative of that unhealthy type of society which every loving parent has a right and duty to shield their child from. 

    Let us walk through some of this proposed curriculum, and show the depravity and senselessness of it, point by point and in total.

    But Oh! Wait! That’s right, the entire curriculum and policy has not yet been spelled out to the public.
    We have only oversees examples and Media speculation to guide us!* (and concerned Organisations that have ferreted it out for us). Yet the Minister has already closed public participation! Insanity! Treason! The elected Government has betrayed her people. Our rights guaranteed by the Constitution are violated.

    And so it seems the Government must be stopped in Court, there being no other way. It’s either that, or mass boycott. Or both. Or..

    Or the Governing Bodies of all schools must make their objection known, clearly. That is our right and your duty. We the parents must take it to our School Governing Bodies, and the School Governing Bodies MUST take it to the Department of Basic Education.

    Let the Basic Education head spell out the curriculum, lay it out “in-toto” for public scrutiny, we the parents want to know. In toto.

    *We have heard the following, for example, as quoted in the Mail and Guardian:

    “Highly controversial CSE programs … indoctrinate youth to embrace radical sexual and gender ideologies, promote sexual rights and abortion, and encourage promiscuity, high-risk sexual behaviours, and sexual pleasure, even to the very youngest of children.”

    The Mail and Guardian, of course, are pro CSE. They go on to try and justify CSE.

    But no child needs to be led to experiment with sex. Sex has its place in marriage, there is no place for sex outside of marriage.
    We can be taught about sex, healthy and right sex in marriage, but there are no end of perversions, unhealthy sexual practices and vile abominations (which depraved people engage in) which no child needs to be exposed to. 

    Children can be taught the difference between (the two natural healthy) sexes, and when they are teens and entering puberty they can be taught about procreation, and its purpose and rightful place.

    We do not teach upright citizens the intricacies of the crafts of criminals and depraved beings just because such delinquents unfortunately exist. Clean living people feed their minds on clean thoughts. How much more ought children’s impressionable minds to be fed on clean concepts and healthy practices? 
    Anal sex (if that’s what you can call it), oral sex, paedophilia, masturbation, orgies, bestiality, these things are clearly not healthy, clean or right for body, mind or spirit.

    The aim of the CSE is not to educate children, but to prematurely and corruptly sexualize them and destroy their innocence, and damage their psyche for life.

    The groups originally pushing CSE have recently declared that their real goal is to completely alter the fabric of society.


    The proposals in the curriculum are profoundly in error, and in complete denial of the true outcome of such “teaching”. It has been shown that the curriculum does not decrease the prevelance of teen pregnancies, abortion STDs etc, but in fact increases them.Therefore the whole schema is in error and diametrically opposed to the desired outcomes.
    Furthermore, the morality of the aims spelled out is sickeningly perverted. The summary effect of the implementation of CSE is sexual, social, physical and mental illness, not health. We do not want sick children. We have a right to protect our children from this heinous sexual abuse, and we will do it. 

    We demand the withdrawal of the entire CSE from our Schools and Country. This is our Constitutional right.

    Let us look at some examples.
    Sodomy, which always occurs in male homosexuality, is a gross perversion of nature. It is a wanton surrender to the criminal lusts of the sinful nature. And it is disgusting beyond belief, and very, very unhealthy. Not between any two people is there a place for such an act: even someone with a feminine nature cannot be fulfilled with such an act, for a rectum can never replace a vagina. Nor does a clean man wish to degrade himself or anyone else in so vile a manner.

    Female homosexuality (lesbianism) once again, serves no human purpose. It may be true that some women feel more male than female at times, but this is due to illness, not health, and more often than not, simply a giving in to sinful temptation. It is an aberration, like being born with one arm. Obviously the one-armed person would like to have two arms, rather than demand that everyone else should also have one arm. We do not lop arms off because some people are now erroneously persuaded to have only one arm.

    Rape occurs constantly in group orgy situations, and all paedophilia is in fact rape, because until a child, any child, is an adult, they are unable to give emotionally or intellectually ADULT consent to any sex act. Nor indeed should they be involved in any sex act. Teaching them sordid details about such perversions does not inform or equip them, it traumatises them, and hampers that healthy course of development in them that would otherwise occur.

    Those behind CSE are refusing to admit that real scientific studies, many such, are in complete opposition to the so-called studies CSE advocates are quoting in support of their recommendations.

    Children, if they need to know anything, need to know this fact.

    Most sexually altered people are still confused, unhappy and unfulfilled after undergoing gender transformation procedures. 

    There are two sexes in nature, and a VERY SMALL PROPORTION (less than 1%) of medically sexually challenged people in between.
    They are in the categories of biological in-betweens, and psychological in-betweens.

    However, the great majority of aberrant sexual behaviour in society originates in the failure of individuals to resist the corrupted temptations of the sinful nature.

    The Bible, for example of it’s moral goodness AGREEING WITH WHAT IS FOUND IN NATURE, adjures men not be effeminate. A man must see to it that he does not take on or allow in himself effeminate ways or unnatural or immoral inclinations. Likewise men and women are exhorted not to cross-dress.

    BUT the CSE aims to stimulate the vulnerable thought processes of our little children, and the impressionable minds of our youth and teenagers with unhealthy thinking. Thought processes can be constructed and deconstructed: the fact that, in nature, healthy thought processes lead to the natural heterosexual relationship, shows that the other “orientations” are a result of sickness, or unfortunate learning of unhealthy thought processes and behaviour.

    To actually go out of one’s way to teach otherwise healthy little children all sorts of unnatural, unhealthy and definitely destructive behaviours is a criminal act. 
    To fill their minds with such unwelcome nonsense is unloving in the extreme. We love our children.

    We are well aware that the people who want this CSE are not going to stop there. They are going to go on to teach orgies, paedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality. There is no difference between these acts and rape, the psychology is the same, or worse.

    These same people demand State healthcare, which, once your personally allotted budget is finished, you may not get any further medical treatment, you must be left to die. This is basically the eugenics of Adolf Hitler. These same people wish to go on to enforce on us Idolatry, Satanism and one-world-religion. These same people, once they have served their purpose, will be destroyed by those that come after them, and so on. This is the way of totalitarianism, of Marxism, of Satan, of failure. It is the teaching of perpetual revolution, which philosophy is rooted in the fallacy of evolution by survival of the fittest (read: strongest/meanest/ most violent).

    On the one hand they want us to not eat meat. On the other hand they want us to be red in tooth and claw, promoting abortion, infantacide, euthenasia, and unhealthy cultural values.

    Who is it that is so foolish that they live entirely for fleshly gratification for a few short years, at the expense if their immortal soul? 
    Is it not the fool who says in his heart “There is no God?”

    Psa 53:1 KJV …The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

    It is no coincidence that those who want CSE are also those who hate both Israel and Christianity, for it is the Bible, and God’s followers, who represent accountability to God and conscience on earth and among men. It is these haters of God and good also who deny creation and teach evolution, even though Empirical Science refutes the Theory of Evolution soundly. They deny evolution, once again, because it (in their own minds) disposes of “old fashioned” God, to whom they most certainly are accountable. Only by removing God, who is truth, from their equation can they “legitimately” pursue so depraved a curriculum as CSE. That God the Creator Spirit exists is proved simply by two fact:(1) we exist. This has no other logical explanation. And (2) we know that we exist. We are aware that we are thinking thoughts. This is a spiritual quality. Self-awareness is a spiritual quality, and not biological. We are spirit beings.

    We are not part of them who hold to futilities. We are moral. Morality tends to life, immorality destroys body, mind and soul. We can very simply design a curriculum suitable for explaining the roles of the two sexes, age appropriately. In high school biology classes, post grade 9, the genetic mutations (read – “biological illness/fault”) which cause dimorphism may be discussed in class. Some people overseas, who seem to have lost their minds, wish to recognise over 100 variations of gender identity. Trash. Utter nonsense. Depravity.

    To be more specific, and following (but refuting) CSE guidelines, it must be said that:

    10 year olds do not need to discuss one another’s private parts in a group setting, for the simple reason that such parts are private, and not up for public discussion (especially among children). Such group discussion will be intensely stressful and degrading for a large proportion of any such group, most especially the females. That is why we wear clothing. 99% of them have no sexual urges and are very best left innocent in this regard, they are all well aware of the obvious differences between sexes, and dress, and natural, healthy cloakroom segregation.

    11 year olds cannot understand intrusive lesbian relationship, and need only be warned against molestation in the simplest terms, without resorting to any sordid details at any length. 

    Grade 6’s (12 year olds) must not be asked their opinions on “topless Whatsapp setting”, they must be told that it is unacceptable pornography.
    Girls for the most part do not even have devolped breasts at this stage, and are therefore clearly not in a position to have emotionally mature opinions on the subject. To discuss this in a class would once again be demeaning and decidedly uncomfortable (emotionally painful) for a large number of children.

    Grade 7’s, entering puberty, must be taught that habitual masturbation is decidedly unhealthy. This is medical fact.

    Grade 8’s must be taught that vaginal sex is the only acceptable, healthy and conscionable sex, and that it takes place in marriage, never outside of it. All other sex acts are to be shown as unnatural, unhealthy and morally wrong.

    Grade 9’s can learn that all “alternative” sexual conduct and preferences are not “alternative” at all, but unacceptable perversions which degrade people and society and breed every kind of wrong and criminal behaviour. They ruin the conscience, which is what guides individual conduct in a daily basis, and bring us under certain judgement by our righteous Creator.

    Lgbtq individuals and HIV positive individuals and populations (due to high risk lifestyles) cannot be held up as positive role models if we want our children to be healthy, prosper and live long and peaceful lives.

    All sexual perversion and medical abnormality is addressable in the terms spelled out above, these are not to be classed as “alternative” any more than being deliberately one-armed. They are to be classed as “abnormal”, because that is what they are – the vast majority of people (who have not been sordidly groomed by sick societies) do not partake or approve of these perversions, because the vast majority of people clearly represent the correct situation in nature and existence, and the intended purposeful design of the healthy biological creation. 
    That these abnormalities, and perversions of the natural order negatively affect and degrade society is well documented fact. That sin has corrupted the perfect order is not doubted any more than it is accepted by our sane, healthy and clean-loving South African populace.

    The CSE is repulsive and degrading to our moral sensibilities, a violation of our children’s rights and a menace to our society. 

    Nor can all dissenting parents place their children in alternative educational facilities because there is not place or finances available to do this for the vast majority of our 28 million school-going children.

    Therefore we do not allow the CSE in our public schools. And as the representative of the parents and children of our school, we direct you, the School Governing Body, to approach the Department of Basic Education according to the provisions made by them for this purpose, and and forward and register our objection and wishes with the said Department.


    Mr and Mrs

  2. As Christians and born again believers the Bible first of all instructs us to stick to biblical principles which clearly states that on certain levels where decisions are taken we have to engage in prayer as a corporate body Christian believers not to rebell against everything that is being tabled but coz the Bible is very clear when it speaks about a clear instructions that as the body of Christ and as the church how much more we as Pastors and leaders to pray for everyone according to 1st Timothy 2 to pray for our Kings Presidents governments and those who are in positions to govern the country and even to pray for one another as leaders so that we must enter into things with wisdom no wonder we get news like this where pastor’s were involved in rape and that is disgrace to Christianity and for another leader to try making an excuse by saying a Pastor that leads a congregation is not a true Pastor same to them because when u ordained as a minister you suppose to represent God as leaders coz when we preach we don’t preach our own word we speak from the mouth of God so there is no excuse for commits an offence so instead of opposing and rebell against a curriculum which I personally think they have no knowledge of is a form immaturity no wonder they weren’t allowed in that meeting I firmly believe these ministers and doctors are highly educated and they would certainly not impose something that would harm the learner’s and the activists I think they should be respected for what they standing for coz they’ve already been humiliated by these rapest I don’t think they still need to be further oppression by ignorant and selfish people I wish the government teachers and learners everything of the best in there strive to achieve the best education for the rest of SA and please if this get posted I know that people or even religious leaders will say I’m sure he doesn’t have children I may not have children at School but I have grandchildren who must still complete there education and I fully trust the government and those who’ve been put in charge of the education system God Bless our children and there teacher’s.

    • Regtig….. règtig? Onderskei tussen rebellie en die blaas van die ramshoring Pastoor. Polities korrek is nie Skriftuurlik nie. Jesus sèlf was baie uitgesproke oor die ongeregtigheid waarin die owerhede – Joods en nie-Joods – in Sy tyd (op aarde) gewandel het.

    • ” I firmly believe these ministers and doctors are highly educated and they would certainly not impose something that would harm the learner’s” …”and I fully trust the government and those who’ve been put in charge of the education system”..
      With respect, Pastor Van Niekerk, I think you are at best naïve, at worse deceived, or at worst, part of the agenda. These “doctors”, government officials and activists most certainly do not have the learners’ best interest at heart and should not be trusted at all. The activists’ alleged rape and molestation, by whoever, are no reason to allow them to destroy the innocence of toddlers, young children, tweens and adolescents.

      …”opposing and rebell against a curriculum which I personally think they have no knowledge of”…
      The pastors present at the meeting are very aware of the content of the CSE curriculum, as much information, including graphics, are available on numerous reputable websites. It has been implemented in the USA as well, so the content is available. Objective studies have been done as to the destructive results of CSE. They have very good reason to be very concerned for our children and grandchildren. CSE is not sex education, but sexualisation and training, to groom them for perverted out of wedlock sex. The implementation of CSE in schools will harm countless generations of children and families and cannot be allowed.
      We are to obey the authorities appointed over us, as Romans 13 states, but not when they demand of, and impose on, us things contrary to the Word of God, and you, as a pastor, should know that better than most.

  3. Here is my very uneducated opinion. Let us the Church come together and stay out of the the world’s agenda to usurp and abort God’s plan. OUr one and only mission is to bring hope, restoration and love to a hurting and dying world.

    If there are pastors who have sinned like this in the past, it is time they came out and repented. It is time that we allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God to resttore order to this chaos.
    The prophets must be allowed to speak again. We must see the wind of the spirit return. We cannot try to regulate a wordily government by using their own systems to restore the System of the Kingdom.

    The UN, DBE and every other institution has removed the truth from their ranks ages ago and yet we still believe that we could change it from within. NO! It must be destroyed and removed!

  4. Thank you pastor Erol for communicating with the rest of us Christians about what happened at the Pretoria meeting.
    It is a real shame on our Department of Basic Education to allow itself to be captured like this.

    As Christians we shall stand up against this onslaught on our children and the use of schools to sow the seeds of immorality.

    We need to also strengthen prayer and intercession for the nation and our children.

    This is the time to do what God said in 2Chronicles7:14.

    We wish strength and courage to pastor Erol Naidoo and Family Policy Instituterms.

    God bless
    Maxwell Malatji. Limpopo

  5. How do concerned parents protect their children? Not everyone can afford private education. Many can barely afford public education. Open and honest discussion at home is of prime importance. And parents making themselves very aware of what is being taught. And countering that with sound teaching at home and in the church on morality, holy living and a solidly Biblical world view. No one including the DBE and UNESCO can prevent that. Not yet anyway. Thanks to Errol Naidoo and Family Policy Institute and many others for the work they do to safeguard our families from this evil onslaught.

    • …” sound teaching at home and in the church on morality, holy living and a solidly Biblical world view.”
      Indeed. However, what was seen can never be un-seen, no matter how much we counter that at home. Images and content such as in CSE is intended to shock, which means it has a huge impact on an innocent mind. Innocence lost is never regained. Better that they not be exposed to it at all. We still have the right and responsibility to protect our children and not allow the schools to teach this to them. This won’t be easy, but wars are never easy, and the target in this case is our children and grandchildren. We have every reason to fight for them.

  6. What a sad say fir tge children of South Africa. Msy God have mercy on us as a vountry and remove the wicked from our Government. He will have the last laugh!!

  7. Satan knows his time is very short and works very hard to win souls. We are living in the end times of wickedness and lawlessness and GOD’S Word warns us about this in Luke 21 and Mathew 24. Satan comes to steal and deceive and murder but JESUS came to give live in abundance. Why would we serve Satan rather than our LORD and Saviour CHRIST JESUS. We will all be responsible before our GOD and CREATOR for our decisions, acts and deeds. We need much prayer.

  8. This is outrageous that people without higher qualification and of questionable moral and integrity employed in education department are making decisions making pidifiles and children abusers to prepare they future pray-children to sexualy assault young children without legal consequences. How dear you take parence responsibly and assesment when and how to tel children about adulthood. It is irresponsible by goverment and cruel to put innocent children through denger. I pray and hope God will judge them very harshly.

  9. Why do people focus on pastors instead of what the bible say and is for example the statistical chances of Jesus fulfilling only 8 hostirical prophesies about himself in the bible is 10 to the power of 18 that means stack the whole of texas 2 feet high with dollar cions touching each other mark only one cion and go and find it.Jesus fulfilled all 54 propesies about him.A more modern examle is the drying of the sea in a huricane wind in 2017 on florida and bahama beaches to show us God really are able to part the Red sea.So if we know the bible is the absolute truth and it condems immorality and also homosexuality then there is no arguement for it.

  10. Thanx so much for the information. Unity is power. If we can unite especially as South Africans Ministers. There is power in agreement. Let’s our spirit be united and when we approach serious matters like this. We do it in one accord.

    I strongly believe that Morals are very important. Prayer, Faith and Trust which is Action. We cannot pray and fold our arms. We pray and act to show God that we believe and He will see our tears and Hear our cries.
    In the house of God there is order and no confusion and distractions. Whatever brings all that: Is out of the will of God .

  11. Dear Friends

    I am a committed Christian and try to live these values in my day to day life at work and home. I decided to go to the CSE at source because of the concerns expressed by many – and so I went and read every learner and educator workbook from Grade 4 to Grade 12, These books are misnamed – this is not sexuality education but life skills education dealing with critical issues that should, if properly taught, teach our children those skills that are essential for a productive life. Topics at the lower levels (primary school) include respect, coping with bullying, self-esteem and confidence, stigma, relationships, communication, decision making respect for religion, culture and diversity. in the lower school levels there is no specific sexual content and in the entire curriculum there are no pictures like the ones circulating on facebook etc.
    If I had a child at school I would welcome exposure to this material to supplement the information that I was giving as a caring parent.
    Violence – including domestic violence, sexual abuse (particularly of children) has reached pandemic number in South Africa. This information – if properly taught – will contribute to the protection our children and reinforce many of the messages that we as responsible parents try to reinforce in our homes.
    Please engage with the material – and look at it carefully – this is not to replace your parental role but to supplement it. Yes – the senior level books do talk about different sexualities. At home you as a parent retain the right to establish and reinforce your values and norms.
    I have worked in the field of child abuse and protection for 40 years. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about the huge numbers and extent and nature of the abuse our children suffer. This material is protective – both in terms of victimisation but also in terms of discouraging children to develop behaviours that hurt and harm others.
    Dr Joan van Niekerk (ex National head of Childline SA and Chairperson of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

  12. I’m a 62-year old mother of 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren, born in Cape Town and now living in Windhoek as a committed Christian and Namibian citizen. From following all of Dr. Naidoo’s reports on the CSE debacle being enforced in South African schools, I can but only concur with Dr. van Niekerk’s views – we need to take a careful look at both sides of this particular ‘hot potatoe’.

    We should also take into consideration that as children are ‘temporary’ gifts to us from God, it’s our responsibility as parents/caregivers to ensure the mental and physical safety of them. What’s of great concern to me, is that the United Nations in its diabolically evil entirety, is blatantly advocating this demonic assault on our children. Be aware that satan’s time is running out, and he’s on countdown to capture as many human souls as possible before Christ’s return. Isn’t it peculiar that the building in NYC that houses the United Nations, is numbered 666?? and not to mention, that wherever the UN is involved, there’s war and mayhem?? His weapon is fear in which he plants all his lies and deception.

    As a Christian, we are reliant on the Lord guiding and watching over us. He will equip us in everything we do. We can only surrender our all concerns to Him – and to think only on those things that are good and pure. We all will stand accountable before the great I AM sooner than later – and what will our responses be??

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