Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

Outrage against the Department of Basic Education’s (DBE) planned rollout of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) in South Africa’s schools in 2020 is growing across the country as disturbing segments of the secretive and controversial program was leaked recently.

The DBE immediately launched a campaign of denial and misinformation to deflect the valid criticisms leveled against it. It blamed “certain organisations for creating panic.” However, the DBE has still not fully explained the source of CSE and why parents and teachers were not consulted on the implementation of a program mired in secrecy and controversy.

President of the SA Teacher Union (SAOU) Chris Klopper has called the content “grossly insensitive” and called for a boycott by teachers who object to the new SLPs.

Family Policy Institute

CSE has been exposed internationally as a manipulative tool of the global sexual rights movement. Their goal is to bypass parental authority, target vulnerable children in schools and indoctrinate them with high-risk “sexual rights” ideology that includes gender non-conformance, right to sexual pleasure, the promotion of LGBTQ lifestyles and sexual experimentation.

UNESCO, the UN agency pushing CSE on South Africa’s vulnerable school children endorsed a cartoon video promoting “children’s rights to sexual pleasure from age 5”  

Do not be deceived, CSE is the most diabolical assault on the health and innocence of South Africa’s children. The SA government has inadvertently granted global sexual rights radicals access to South Africa’s children to indoctrinate them with the dangerous “sexual rights” ideology.

The Eastern Cape based “Herald Live” published my response to CSE last week, “School sex-education curriculum slammed!”

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The Church in the Western Cape has planned a “March For Family” on Saturday 30 November 2019. The March is scheduled during the annual “16 Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women & Children” that runs from 25 Nov – 10 Dec 2019.

Families led by City Pastors will March to Parliament peacefully declaring Christ’s Lordship over South Africa. We will pray for government, especially our lawmakers so God can guide them with wisdom.

CSE is Violence Against Children because it grooms them for sexual exploitation. Just like the free availability of pornography and the legitimisation of prostitution is Violence Against Women because it degrades and devalues them. The objectification of women must end!

City Pastors will lead the “March For Family” to Parliament and deliver the Letter to government demanding the cancellation of CSE in SA along with over 120,000 signatures – and counting! You can still sign the ‘Online Letter’ and add your individual or Church/Denomination/Organisation name here or sign CitizenGo/FPI Petition here.

You can read the Letter to the Minister of Basic Education outlining 7 critical reasons why CSE must not be implemented in SA here.

Join the “March For Family” in Cape Town on Saturday 30 November 2019 at 10am and make your voice heard! Make a Stand for Women, Children, the Family and Biblical values in South Africa! You and I are stronger together!

We will also deliver a Memorandum to government demanding an end to Violence Against Women. The Memorandum will include 7 common sense actions government can take to significantly reduce the social degradation of women to combat violence, exploitation and abuse.

Christian leaders will lead the men in a Vow to be protectors of women and not harmers. We will record the Vow and launch a nationwide social media campaign urging men to take the Vow and encourage men in their networks to be active protectors of women and hold other men accountable.

We will also pray for marriages and families in South Africa. Violence, exploitation and abuse escalates when families break down. We must restore the family for the health and stability of society. Please join us at this critical event for faith, family and the protection of vulnerable women and children in South Africa.

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Date published: 05/11/2019

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  1. So, the SA Education system wants to introduce a form of child pornography, only children will be actively engaged, shame no vision.


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