Tshwane House and entrances leading into the city were a no-go area during the municipality workers’ strike in the last week of July. Parked City buses, electricity and waste trucks blocked entrances into the city with garbage scattered on the roads.  Videos and photos of this big mess soon travelled to social media and brought fear in the hearts of those who need to work in Pretoria CBD. Some services came to a standstill without the workers and management reaching a compromise. The city centre became filthy and a health risk with garbage strewn everywhere.

Dare To Love Dare To Love

The city striking spurred Dare-To-Love into action. A massive clean-up effort was done on Saturday 3 August. About 150 volunteers met at 06h30 to clean Church Square and surrounding CBD streets.

The community brought brooms, bags, gloves and started to clean. This courageous action was joined by the homeless, city residents, families, children and even some businesses. Tshwane metro officials controlled the traffic to ease pressure off the cleaning crowd. The spirit of community working together in joy seemed to have brought a healing spirit amongst the participants and city dwellers watching. The volunteers simply worked together with no strife, except to serve their city and do something that is good for all. 

Dare-To-Love was first formed in 2015 when five Christ followers spend two hours every Saturday morning in the Pretoria CBD, trying to bring a positive change to the homeless. Four years later, the movement has grown into multiple Dare-To-Love meeting points across the city with hundreds of Christians proofing their love through action.

“We dare and challenge fellow Christians to take up their social responsibility towards the homeless, elderly, orphans, strangers and their towns, cities and suburbs,” says Daryl Hardy, founder of Dare- To-Love. “We are not a church. It is a God movement of love in action, based on 1 John 4.

As Christians, we all need to be the Hands and Feet of Christ.” 

Trash was turned into treasure as Dare-To-Love decided to clean the CBD in a responsible way. Recyclables were separated in clear bags and wet waste into refuse bags. About 80 % of the waste collected was recyclable. The homeless was encourage to resell this material at the usual depots.

Businesses provided trucks, street cleaning equipment and water to the volunteers.

“Community must take care of community,” says Hardy. “God is Love. When we serve others, we find purpose.”

Dare To Love Dare To Love

Love in action was exactly what took place on Saturday, 3 August in the city centre. The homeless served the city and each other. Families, strangers and the poor came to help.

Dare-To-Love challenges all to serve including Christians and leadership. Even the homeless.

A crossroad had clearly been reached in many hearts as distinction was made between Love or upholding Self. This is exactly what Dare-to-Love wanted to achieve.

“The opposite of Love is not Fear. The opposite of Love is Self. When we love others in selfless service, we find our purpose and our identity in Christ,” says Daryl.

More info: www.daretolove-sa.org or Facebook: Dare to Love SA.

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Date published: 08/08/2019
Written by: Kingdom Nation
Feature image: Supplied


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