Written by: René Lowings
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I was so privileged in 2021 to be featured in JOY! Magazine’s October issue, sharing my testimony about my recovery from multiple sclerosis (MS). I am still immensely grateful for the feedback that Johan, from Go Natural, and I received afterwards. In the time that followed, I realised that many people are on a similar journey. It was powerful to hear their testimonies and I would like to encourage each of them to please continue sharing their testimonies. Our stories are powerful in overcoming the enemy (Rev 12:11).

Confirm previous cause
For those who have not read my testimony: In 2015, as a 23-year-old, I was diagnosed with MS. Almost five years later, we discovered the cause of my MS. It turned out to be a tooth that had root canal treatment (with a resulting dangerous, toxic, anaerobic infection). That cause was recently highlighted and confirmed to me when I went through the process again – against my will.

“I began to experience neurological symptoms, something was wrong with my nervous system. My legs were numb and did not obey my brain’s instructions to move. When someone touched, or brushed up against me, I only registered it when I saw it.”

I ignored my sensitive tooth
The Lord led my husband, Johann, and I to relocate. So, with my husband’s resignation, selling our furniture, packing up our home, and saying good bye to everyone, I ignored a sensitive tooth.

Unfortunately, it caught up with me one morning when I suddenly experienced unbearable pain. I immediately contacted the dentist’s room and was relieved to get an appointment. The practice had helped me with a mouthpiece in the past and back then I was satisfied with my experience with them.

In the days that followed, the Holy Spirit placed it on my heart to share my MS testimony with the dentist. The reasons were twofold: I wanted to share my testimony for the seed to be planted, should the Lord want to use it, but I also wanted to convey the severity of my previous experience with a root canal treatment.

Root canal or extraction
The day came and after I briefly shared my testimony, the dentist investigated the tooth. He informed me that I would need a root canal treatment, or my tooth would need to be extracted. However, doing the extraction at this point was not an option. Partly because it would be without essential preparation, and also because we would soon be moving to the other end of South Africa with three very busy children.

Alternative option
The dentist then gave me an alternative option: To clean the abscess and cover the tooth with a temporary filling. It sounded acceptable to me and I agreed to the treatment. The following week I received a referral letter to hand over to my new dentist, but when I read it, I froze. The letter stated: “Emergency RCT” which I could only interpret as “root canal treatment”. In a panic, I turned to the Father because my body remembered all too well how 2019 felt, my worst year of MS.

Old symptoms return
The Holy Spirit whispered His calming peace within me and I chose to trust. “Perhaps this is the closest description to the procedure,” I thought. Within a matter of days, I began to experience neurological symptoms, something was wrong with my nervous system. My shoulder blades were on fire, it was as if someone was burning me with a hot iron. My legs were numb and did not obey my brain’s instructions to move. When someone touched, or brushed up against me, I only registered it when I saw it. My brain was foggy and within five minutes of a conversation with my husband, I simply could not recall what we talked about. I realised: These symptoms were very similar to the ones I experienced in 2019.

Extraction and ozone treatment
After our move, we were lead to an excellent dentist who was willing to assist me with the right type of procedure. Without telling him what procedure I had, he confirmed it: it was definitely a root canal that had been performed. About six weeks of damage occurred before I could have the tooth removed and the jaw cleaned with ozone. Six weeks of toxic, anaerobic infection in my body that could not be reached or countered by my immune system (because there are no blood vessels in the dead, root canal-treated tooth).

Forgive repeatedly
During this time, Jesus’ words resounded in my heart. How many times do I have to forgive? Seventy times seven (Matt 18:22). When I could not drive safely anymore, forgive. When the last three steps were too much for me, forgive. I trembled all the time! Forgive. I am 30, but had to make choices as if I was 90, forgive. I had no strength. No inspiration, appetite, joy, or patience. I forgave. Repeatedly.

In choosing to forgive (Matt 6:12) and with His forgiveness that washed over my being, my soul found a deep peace that transcends all understanding. Our Prince of Peace is here and has not abandoned us. He is the one who fights for us and we can rest in that knowledge.

Systematic improvement
My symptoms systematically disappeared after the root canal-treated tooth (an infected dead bone) was properly removed and the jaw cleaned out with ozone. It took about three months for me to recover from the worst symptoms. However, my memory, energy, and focus improved within a week after the extraction and ozone cleaning.

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Date published: 22/04/2022

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