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This very easy-to-read Bible was translated by the Bible Society of South Africa for different groups of readers, but specifically for deaf readers who use Sign Language and struggle to understand the words of other Bible translations that were formulated for hearing people.

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The purpose of this translation project is to make a Bible available in deaf-orientated English for deaf people in South Africa and Africa who use the Bible in English. Details on where to buy a copy are at the end of this article.

This large-print Bible has more than 80 000 footnotes and 45 000 references to drawings that illustrate what objects looked like in biblical times. This Bible is for anyone who wants to read a very simple and easy formulation of what the Lord said and what He wants to give us.

A lot of deaf people who speak Sign Language want a Sign Language Bible on DVD or on computer to see the Good News that God gave us in the Bible. Unfortunately, there are too many different Sign Language dialects and too many deaf people in Africa who do not have computers or DVD machines to watch a Sign Language Bible. This is why Deaf people have asked us to translate the Bible using easier words that they can understand. The Bible Society of South Africa has accepted this work and we pray that God will use this Bible to help people who have a small vocabulary to understand how much God loves them and that they will believe in Him and live for Him every day.

Deaf readers have also asked us to use easy English, but not poor or incorrect English. That is why we follow most of the rules of the English language (British, not American), but there are a few language rules which we had to change so that more Deaf readers can understand the text.

How to get a copy:
The Bible will be available from Monday 25th November at the Bible Society online shop: www.biblesociety.co.za

Or, anyone can buy a copy at the Bible Society Head Office:
134 Edward Street

For more information: www.englishbibleforthedeaf.co.za

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Date published: 20/11/2019

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