Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

CSE is Violence against Children! Pornography/Prostitution is Violence against Women! Citizens will march to Parliament on Saturday 30 Nov 2019 Demanding the Scrapping of CSE in Public Schools and the End to Violence Against Vulnerable Women & Children in South Africa.

The Church in the Western Cape comprising a wide cross-section of Christian denominations and independent Church networks will peacefully march to Parliament on Saturday 30 November 2019 to demand the cancellation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in public schools and the End to Violence Against Women in South Africa. Hundreds of school children – under the guidance of their concerned parents – from schools across the Western Cape are expected to attend the “March For Family” to indicate their strong opposition to CSE

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Citizens will gather in Hanover Street (old Keizersgracht Str) opposite CPUT in Cape Town from 10am. From there, citizens, led by City Pastors, will peacefully proceed to Parliament praying for South Africa, government, vulnerable women and children and marriages and families in the country.  The “March For Family” supports the noble objectives of the “16 Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women & Children” observed annually 25 November – 10 December.  All citizens who support these peaceful objectives are welcome to join the march.

Church leaders will deliver a Letter to an official of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) (invited) co-signed by several major Christian denominations representing millions of citizens and supported by over 150,000 signatures demanding the cancellation of CSE in South Africa. Church leaders will also deliver a Memorandum to an official of the Department of Justice & Correctional Services (invited) outlining several actions government must take to significantly reduce the social degradation and its resulting violence, exploitation and abuse of women in society.

Rev Costa Mitchell will lead the men in a Vow to firstly honor their wives and secondly honor and protect women in society. Rev Mitchell said, “The men must not only take the vow but also vow to hold other men accountable to be active protectors of women and not harmers. The Vow will be recorded and a countrywide social-media campaign launched following the March.”

Rev Barry Isaacs supported by Western Cape Church leaders will pray for marriages and families in the country. Rev Isaacs said, “Marriages and families are the foundation of society. As families break down violence, exploitation and abuse of vulnerable women and children escalates. We must restore and strengthen family life to better protect women and children.”

Family Policy Institute

“March For Family” coordinator and Founder & CEO of Family Policy Institute, Errol Naidoo said, “CSE is violence against innocent children. It is not sex education but a pernicious form of sexual indoctrination imported from the UN. This controversial program is forced on our children by UN agencies like UNESCO without the knowledge and consent of parents. Government must cancel and withdraw CSE entirely from South African school curriculums and immediately begin working closely with parents and teachers groups in this country to develop a value based sex education curriculum that comprehensively addresses the unique challenges facing South African children. The rights and authority of parents have been violated by governments unilateral actions.”

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“We need African solutions for African problems. Tragically, government has opted to work closely with foreign agencies and ignored the valid concerns of its own citizens. We appeal to President Ramaphosa to urgently intervene on behalf of parents, teachers and vulnerable children to end this attack on the health and innocence of South Africa’s children” Naidoo concluded.

The Letter addressed to the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga outlines seven critical reasons why CSE must not be implemented in South Africa. It is endorsed and supported by several Christian denominations in South Africa including: The Full Gospel Church in SA, The Assemblies of God (AOG) in SA, The Baptist Union of SA, The Vineyard Fellowship of Churches in SA, The Christian Family Church (CFC) Network in SA, United Apostolic Faith Churches of SA, The Fellowship of Community Churches (FCC) and Everynation Family of Churches in SA.

The Letter is further endorsed and supported by the National Employers Association of South Africa (NEASA).

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Date published: 21/11/2019

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  1. I greet all of you in the Mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I cannot, unfortunately, be with you all back home there in Cape Town for this absolutely and needed march. I know my wife Ina Murison will be there and along with other Mighty Men and Mighty Women as well. There should be at least One Million (1.000.000) people at this march including famous faces and politicians and as well as the common man and woman from society too. I have been liaising with Errol and recently send him updates from the United Kingdom of a test case that has just been passed this very week and where the courts have granted exclusion zones around schools here and so that parents cannot demonstrate against the school/s from teaching their children about LGBTQ / Drag / Sexual Practices such as self-awareness of genitalia, touching and sharing and showing and masturbation. All these things are driven by the NWO under the planned and up and coming age of Aquarius movement. Total disruption against God the Father in Heaven and His laws. All out of the United States, via the United Kingdom and filtering through to all Commonwealth countries around the world, which as much as South Africa is said to be a Republic is still part and parcel of the Commonwealth. Not one politician is mentioning same-sex teaching of these innocent little ones in schools here so this goes to show that it is acceptable amongst the political structure and the elite. There are no marches here and as such, I applaud all of you there and for all that you are doing there and salute you as well. If I was back there at this time I would very proudly and gladly have played my pipes and helped lead the way to the gates of Parliament where my voice would have been heard with the rest of you. Keep the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, stay strong and be courageous and loving most of all in Yeshua the name that we breathe in and out of our bodies every second of our lives from birth to death, and where almost all peoples do not even know about it. Love from Piper James. Keep up the great work Joy. Amen!

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