Written by: Rick Renner
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In this day that we’re living in—the very end of the last days—people’s minds are being inundated with false information and a celebration of various forms of immorality, including a deluge of false propaganda about human sexuality. This is a last-days attack of seducing spirits bent on modifying the collective mind of society and creating a way of thinking that is free of moral restraint. This modification process is spreading its tentacles into every sector of society. Even people who grew up in church are now becoming affected and changed in how they view issues that should be set in stone in their lives.

How did this happen?
It is the result of an unrelenting mental bombardment by wrong people, wrong sources, wrong information, and wrong spiritual influences. It’s all part of a demonic strategy that is being waged against the human race (including believers) to adversely affect their thinking, damage them mentally, and distort their minds until they can no longer see what is wrong about wrong. Ultimately, this process results in people choosing sides that are opposed to those who adhere to long-held Biblical truths.

The collective mind of society is being mentally modified, becoming sin-damaged.

Society’s collective mind
As a result of the collective mind of society being mentally modified — that is, becoming ill-affected and sin-damaged — society will eventually end up “…doing those things which are not convenient” – Romans 1:28. The words “not convenient” simply mean they will do things that are not morally right or fitting.

Changing minds
Proverbs 23:7 reveals an important principle, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he…” Never forget that a person’s actions follow his thinking. The devil knows he just needs to find an inroad of access into the mind of a person or into the collective mind of a society. If he can do that, it won’t be long until that person or society’s overall behaviour will conform to a new and deceptively appealing way of thinking that is far from the well-established, time-tested standards that God clearly states in the Bible.

Satan is clearly at work
As God’s people, we must be alert to the fact that satan is loosing hordes of seducing spirits with doctrines of demons in these last days to lead an entire generation into delusion. Satan has launched a covert operation to seize minds – especially young minds – to lead them off track. The enemy is using the voices of influential people in entertainment and the media – those who already have been beguiled and seduced to believe a lie. His goal is to victimise the last-days generation and lead them into ways of thinking and behaviours that damage their minds and steal, kill, and destroy on as many levels as possible.

We have seen that Isaiah 5:20 speaks of a day when people “call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness….” This forecasts a day when society at large will become reprobate and lose its ability to discern the difference from right and wrong – even to the point of justifying wrong as right and good as bad. This is the day in which you and I live – an end-time moment that the Holy Spirit specifically warned us about in first Timothy 4:1.

Utter lawlessness
The current trend towards lawlessness — that is, the construction of a new world order with morals contrary to those stated in God’s Word — will eventually produce a collective mindset in society that no longer feels the pain or conviction of sin and is numb to its consequences. When this phase is fully developed, people’s immoral behaviours that grieve God will be carried out without hurting the conscience whatsoever. It will indeed be a day when lawlessness — iniquity — will abound.

Society at large has lost its ability to discern between right and wrong.

Society is made up of individuals
While I am focusing primarily on society, we must not forget that society is made up of individuals who are negatively affected by the unrelenting mental bombardments of evil influences. This includes believers who have allowed themselves to drift so far from God’s ways that they lie, steal, fornicate, live as couples outside of marriage, explore other types of sexuality outside the confines of God’s Word, watch movies that once would have grieved their hearts — and the list goes on and on and on.

Are you still feeling God’s pain?
This continual bombarding of wrong spiritual influences, combined with a collective willingness within the Church world to endure that bombardment, causes Christians’ minds to slowly become modified to tolerate more and more. It is unfortunate that, in many cases, Christians don’t feel the pain of what God calls sin in their souls any longer. They go to church, fellowship with others, and carry on as if their actions are acceptable before God.

Ongoing mental modification
What has happened to these Christians’ consciences, that they would experience no remorse about their sin? This is the effect of ongoing mental modification. Very often their minds and consciences have become seared and hardened over a period of time in some areas of their lives. And, yes, it is likely that even these Christians have become reprobate in those compartmentalised areas of their minds.

Is there a cure?
For believers who have made the egregious error of tolerating and yielding habitually to sinful behaviour, there is hope. If they will acknowledge how far they’ve strayed and become willing to repent (1 John 1:9), the Holy Spirit will rise up like a mighty force from deep within to invade their thoughts and begin the process of renewing their minds once again to the truth.

The current trend towards lawlessness — that is, the construction of a new world order with morals contrary to those stated in God’s Word — will eventually produce a collective mindset in society that no longer feels the pain or conviction of sin and is numb to its consequences.

Meditate on God’s Word
This transformation of the mind will require a person to absolutely submit his or her mind to the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:1,2). It will require courage and sustained commitment, for once a person’s mind has been this profoundly impacted by sin and deception, it can be restored to its previous condition only as that person submits his or her mind 100 % to meditating on and obeying the truth of God’s Word.

There is hope!
It is a fact that once a mind has become debased, it takes a great commitment to renew it. But the good news is that God offers hope for a believer who has strayed from the clear teaching of scripture and is willing to do what is necessary to turn. The Holy Spirit will do the miracle of taking his or her sin-damaged mind and renewing it to a right, holy, fit condition – a mind that is once again esteemed by God!

An end-time mutiny
Let’s look at 1 Timothy 4:1, which says, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.…” I want to point out that the verse says the Holy Spirit “speaketh expressly” about these developments that will occur at the very end of the age.

Paul reiterated this
Paul similarly wrote in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 about a departure from the faith that would occur in the very end of the last days. In that verse, Paul said, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.”

This phrase “falling away” comes from the Greek word apostasia, a word that is used in the Old Testament Greek Septuagint to depict mutiny against authority. In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Paul used this word to depict a worldwide society engaged in an outright mutiny against the authority and the standards of God in the last of the last days. This agrees with Jesus’ forewarning that “iniquity will abound” before the end of the age is reached (Matthew 24:12).

It is imperative that we stand true to our Bible-based convictions.

We are living on the cusp
This is precisely why we are seeing the nonsensical developments that we are witnessing in our world today. We are living on the cusp of the end of the age just before Jesus comes. Demon spirits have been released into the cultures of this world system in a last-days assault — charged with the satanic assignment to confuse, wear down, and unleash irreparable harm into the lives of as many people as possible.

The mystery of iniquity
In 2 Thessalonians 2:7, Paul prophesied that the “mystery of iniquity” was at work in the world, but that at the end of the age, it would become an aggressive force in society. Just as the Holy Spirit foretold, we are witnessing this escalating mutiny against God and the voice of scripture in our time. The “mystery of iniquity” has been released with a vengeance and is working full steam around the clock to seduce the world into mass deception.

Rapid degeneration of society
Certainly it’s true that believers of every generation have had to deal with issues of moral degradation and societal ills in the world around them. The fact that the world is waxing worse and worse is certainly nothing new. But the rapidity and the depth of moral decline in modern culture over the last mere 100 years is significant. It seems as if all restraints have been thrown off, and we are galloping along on a collision course with the end of an era. The closer we get to the end, the deeper this lost world will sink into deception and depravity.

Remain steadfast
To ‘swim upstream’ against the swift current of the world is not for the faint of heart. To sustain that forward press, it is imperative that we stand true to our Bible-based convictions. And we are also responsible for transferring that same strength of righteous conviction to the next generation, rearing our children to live as stalwart Christians filled with the Holy Spirit.

Supernatural pressure
In the midst of it all, we can be assured that it will require supernatural strength to resist the pressure that will be mounted against Christians in the days to come. But you and I are alive on earth at this time for a reason. We are each called to fulfil a specific role as part of this strategic generation of believers at the end of the age.

In light of this fact, we should recognise that it’s never been more crucial for us as believers to humbly seek God’s face for wisdom, understanding, and insight concerning His path and His plan for us in this hour. Rather than succumb to fear, we must press into Christ and into the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can make a mark for eternity in as many lives as possible before the age ends. The opportunity before us is remarkable and unprecedented.

Prepped for the Antichrist
Because we live in the end times, we must be alert to the fact that the devil is attempting to groom and modify the world so that it will receive the man of lawlessness, who is, of course, the Antichrist. A massive undertaking is being executed to lead the world into a state of epic lawlessness so that it will more readily embrace this satan-inspired individual. The world is unaware of it, but it is being primed and prepared at this very moment for that time.

Evil spiritual forces at work
As this worldwide modification continues, we will witness things changing around us more and more. In the midst of this profound process of a worldwide shift, we will witness evil spiritual forces setting an entire spectrum of destructive fires designed to consume as many lives as possible. All of this and more is ahead of us as we approach the end of this age — which highlights with even greater force how crucial it is that we stick with the Bible and hold to the authority of scripture in this late hour.

It’s never been more crucial for us as believers to humbly seek God’s face.

Ignorance abounds
Overall, people in this last-days society do not know or revere the Bible as they once did. As Romans chapter 1 describes, society has gradually turned further and further away from God’s truth because His ways and His wisdom do not conveniently fit into the world that liberal progressive thinkers want to construct. Because of this, people are largely ignorant. They don’t know they are pawns in the hands of seducing spirits that have been dispatched to lead them astray.

But this is not a time to cower in fear. It’s a very strategic hour for us to press forward with the ever-relevant message of the Gospel and its delivering, life-saving, body-healing, mind-restoring message.

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Date published: 20/10/2019
Rick Renner is highly respected leader, teacher, and author within the Christian community. Visit renner.org

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  1. At last, a clear, well-expressed, declaration of the truth which needs to go around the world! Please, all Christians, speak up, resisting the fear-of-man and fear of rejection, and let’s spread this truth. Jesus died for the sinners so let’s try to get ALL sinners we know, to hear His truth that will set them free. If they’ve totally handed over their lives to deception and don’t want to change there’s nothing more we can do but pray for them. Remember, everyone is looking for love, but sin is not the source of love.

  2. Absolutely the truth and well said.Makes me want to cry for what is acceptable in the world today.May God have Mercy on us in days to come.


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