Written by: ICC (International Christian Concern) 
Article source: www.persecution.org

On October 10, 2019, Huma, a 14-year-old Christian girl, was reportedly kidnapped by armed men. Since then, Huma’s family has fought tirelessly to bring Huma home and highlight the plight of Christian women and girls in Pakistan.

Our daughters are insecure and abused in this country,” Nagina, Huma’s mother, recently told International Christian Concern (ICC). “They are not safe anywhere. We leave them at schools or home but they are kidnapped, raped, humiliated, and forced to convert to Islam.

Huma, who is an 8th grade student at a private school located in Zia Colony in Karachi, was reportedly kidnapped by three men on October 10. According to the police complaint filed by Younas Masih, Huma’s father, neighbors saw Huma being forcefully dragged to a car by three men. These witnesses were unable to help Huma as they reported that the kidnappers were carrying guns.

When ICC asked Younas who kidnapped Huma, Younas replied, “She was kidnapped by Abdul Jabar, a Muslim.

After the kidnapping, Younas reported the incident to local police. However, the police initially refused to file a First Information Report (FIR) regarding this incident. After two days, police finally registered FIR # 490/19 against Jabar, who remains at large.

According to Nagina, Jabar has reportedly sent the family documents claiming that Huma has converted to Islam over WhatsApp. “He asked us not to be worried for Huma as she is now his wife and has entered into Islam,” Nagina explained.

The religious conversion documents are fake,” Nagina continued. “They have been generated by Jabar to have a hold over Huma.

Jabar did not produce Huma before court on November 11,” Nagina told ICC. “My daughter’s life is in danger. She could be tortured or killed. I beg the authorities to recover my daughter as soon as possible.

Christian girls are being abused and forcefully converted,” Fr. Saleh Diego, Director of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Karachi, told ICC. “The kidnappers are misusing religion for their motives and spoiling the lives of hundreds of young girls from the marginalized Christian community.

Huma must be recovered with no further delay,” Fr. Diego continued. “This unethical and illegal practice must also be stopped and the kidnappers of Huma and other girls must be brought to justice and punished for their crimes.

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Date published: 07/12/2019
Feature image: Huma

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