FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK is a family of premier Christian television channels bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to homes on the African continent and beyond.

Faith Africa has exciting global partnerships with major Christian television networks and programmers, uniting in their passion to spread the Gospel of Christ via television in Africa. Visit DSTV Channel 341 to tune in to the following amazing shows:

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Since its inception in May 2002, FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK has grown to approximately 264 million viewers worldwide.

A state-of-the-art FCC facility broadcasts the signal from East London, South Africa, as well as Miami FL in the USA.

The name FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK personifies its core ethos and underscores the channels’ commitment to being a relevant voice in society. In a society that is often rocked by various political, criminal and environmental calamities, a solid faith in an unchanging God proves to be a great comfort.

Faith, in essence, is a message of hope, and this message of hope is reflected in the programming offered daily on FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK. FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK has a loyal viewership, many of which are partners to the work that it represents, and together present a relevant message to the world.

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