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Nombuso Mathenjwa from Durban is a beautiful daughter of God who loves Jesus with her whole heart. When she was diagnosed with cancer, He was the first one she ran to for courage and strength.


Serious anaemia
Nombuso’s doctor informed her that she would not be able to return to work for six months and that he had to admit her to hospital before starting her chemotherapy because she was severely anaemic and had kidney problems. Her husband, Bheki, had previously suffered from kidney problems and their son-in-law, Nkosikhona, told them about the Mega Oxygen tablets that could help to alleviate the problem. Her husband began taking the tablets and started improving. Nombuso decided to take Mega Oxygen for herself and see if it would help improve her health too. She started taking nine Mega Oxygen tablets per day (three in the morning, three in the afternoon, and three at night) due to her acute condition.

‘I bless my body in the Name of Jesus’
“Every time I took my tablets, I blessed them, and I blessed my body (I still do). I pray the blood of Jesus over myself and command those tablets and my body to do what it is supposed to do in the Name of Jesus,” says Nombuso.

Drastic improvement
When she saw the doctor prior to admitting her to hospital, he did another blood test. He was surprised. “He said to me that my blood count was looking very good and that the white blood cell count had dropped. He also commented that my kidneys were working well and that he could even see it in my skin tone that had changed. Overall, I looked healthier,” says Nombuso. The doctor decided that it was no longer necessary for Nombuso to be hospitalised and she returned to work after just two months.

No complications
Then Nombuso’s chemotherapy could start. She continued with the Mega Oxygen tablets as well, as they do not interfere with the chemo treatment. To this day, she is the only one in her group of chemo patients who suffered no complications. “I have no headaches, skin rashes, or fatigue – all the things they warned me about and that the other patients complain about,” she says.

A fountain of positivity
Nombuso is a fountain of positivity. “You know, sometimes God puts you in a situation – not to punish you, but so that you can help others. Nothing is impossible for Him. I believe He is helping me and showing me the way, so that maybe I can be encouragement and of help to somebody else who is going through something similar!”

Johan Lubbe lost half of one lung during a chemical explosion at his work. After that he always had problems with his lungs and had to use an asthma pump, a nebuliser, and a portable oxygen machine. He had to take good care of his lungs and try to avoid people with colds and flu.


Infection in both lungs
In March this year, he unfortunately fell ill and struggled with an infection in both of his lungs for three weeks. Despite the nebuliser, asthma pump, and the oxygen machine – as well as R3000 worth of medication – still nothing helped. He gasped for breath and could not walk far at all; he had to sit up in bed at night to sleep as he struggled to breathe.

Blood pressure also down
Then his wife, Magda, saw people’s testimonies about Oxygen Products on Facebook and decided to give him Mega Oxygen. He started with nine tablets a day and soon noticed an improvement. From the second week on he was able to lie down and sleep again, the infection was gone, and he had more energy. “Best of all is that his high blood pressure is also gone!” says Magda. “He stopped taking his blood pressure tablets at night and his seasonal allergies are also far less.”

Energy to be a granddad again
Johan was able to stop taking all the other medicines – even the asthma pump. “The oxygen machine is now a white elephant that just stands there, and we save money because we no longer have to spend it on medication or blood pressure pills,” says Magda with a big smile. Grandpa Johan now has enough energy to play with his two-year-old granddaughter and sufficient breath to keep up with the busy little toddler!

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Date published: 17/11/2023
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