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Miss Y* is a 60-year-old Buddhist nun in a Thai Buddhist temple. She has listened to This Life Has an Answer, one of FEBA Thailand’s programs, for years, and is greatly encouraged by it. However, while she believes in God and Jesus, she must keep it hidden, or else she will be thrown out of the only home she has available to her. She has no family, so no one will take care of her.

In Thailand, there is a saying: “To be Thai is to be Buddhist.” Roughly 95% of Thai people adhere to Buddhism, and the country has more than 30 000 wats (Buddhist temple complexes). Even the constitution carries its influence – while there is freedom of religion, the king of Thailand is constitutionally required to be Buddhist. Therefore, converting to another religion means a complete overhaul of one’s life and way of thinking, down to the most basic details of daily life.

FEBA’s guiding hand
FEBA enjoys a strong presence in Thailand, both online and on air. Younger viewers and listeners tune in through social media and apps, and the audience has shown such potential that FEBA Thailand launched a youth initiative program to increase its ministry among young people. FEBA’s programs are broadcast on 33 stations throughout the country, and there are numerous programs in ethnic minority languages to reach listeners among the Hmong and Mien.

FEBA Thailand also offers Bible correspondence courses, designed to answer questions about Christianity and guide new believers in their study of God’s Word. The courses cover 18 Bible topics, ranging from “What you should know about God” to “the everlasting love of God”, and they have helped thousands of people to study the Bible. There are more than 20 000 prisoners enrolled in the correspondence courses at present. One of them writes: “Having learned the lessons from your Bible correspondence course, I realise and understand that Jesus took the punishment in my place. He made me free … [now] I believe and accept Jesus as my Saviour with all my heart. Thank God for the salvation of my soul.”

To support FEBA’s global outreach, please visit www.febaradio.co.za.

*Name withheld for safety purposes

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Date published: 16/11/2023
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