Written by: Sophia Roman
Article source: JOY! Magazine

A few weeks ago, the days and nights of constant downpouring rain and deep howling winds felt strange. The little girl in me felt the desperate need to pray for those looking for shelter from the fierce weather in the dark of the night. The next morning, social media and television news were flooded with images of the debris and havoc caused by the storm that hit the Western Cape. We were all affected, but it got closer home when one young man prepared himself for his journey to work on this stormy Monday morning…

Divine protection
The downpour lasted for hours and there was no relief to get out, however, Brandon was ready for his bus journey to get to work. Just as he left, his mom called as she had a strong intuitive and pressing need to speak to her son at that given time. He tilted the video camera on his phone to let his mom see the heavy rain falling. She immediately advised him to call his manager at work to let him know that he would be late.

Distraction after distraction
While waiting for his bus, he realised that he left his phone charger at home. There was no great need to have his charger with him, and he dismissed the thought. But then, a voice niggled him strongly that he had not locked his door. First, he thought that this could not be the case – but the voice continued to niggle at him. He eventually gave in and found his way back home. The door was locked. Brandon had just a few minutes to make it back to the bus stop in time, but then his aunt, Charmaine, called. Brandon was distracted, yet again, and missed the bus.

Kept safe in God’s hands
When he arrived at work, Brandon was met with the devastating news that the bus he had missed was in an accident and the friends he travelled with daily had lost their lives. All these distractions made him miss a fatal accident.

Closure for a fresh start
Brandon’s world was rocked. He recently lost his father through an untimely death. His mom and dad had been divorced since he was a young boy. All he ever wanted was to have a relationship with his dad, who modelled a Christian life and ministry as a psalmist. But then, his dad exchanged his anointed singing gift for the secular world. His dad’s life changed, and he started to compromise with the world. This hit Brandon’s younger brother and mother very hard. His dad eventually walked away from the family. This left them in great need for many years. Brandon speaks of his beautiful mother, Bridgette, as their pillar of strength and consistent provider. He will always love and respect her.

Purpose revealed
A few days before his dad died, he had called Brandon to his bedside and asked forgiveness with deep sorrow. His dad also asked him to video call his mom. There Brandon stood mediating, hearing how his dad asked his mom’s forgiveness and assured her that walking away was never her fault. He wished he could have made it right and better. Not only did Brandon experience powerful closure, but as he stood there his dad blessed him with powerful words affirming and imploring him to serve the Lord with all his heart and to use his musical gifts for Kingdom purposes, not to follow in his footsteps. Brandon is focused on continuing to live for the Lord and to be about he Father’s business. Escaping this accident makes him more determined to live on purpose, for purpose.

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Date published: 16/11/2023
Feature image: Brandon with a photo insert of his father.
SOPHIA ROMAN – pioneer, visionary and life transformation coach. Sophia and her husband, Theo, pastor the West Reach AOG Church in Mitchells Plain.

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