Written by: Gillian Fraser

Kanye West has been dominating headlines in the Christian world since his very public conversion to Christianity earlier this year. Many Christians were sceptical, as Kanye established himself through secular music and a secular lifestyle. West has since followed the straight and narrow path, becoming more and more bold about his faith in Jesus.

West recently released his latest album, Jesus Is King, and has announced that he has left the secular industry after turning to Christ, and will only be releasing Gospel music that glorifies God.

Recently, West blew up Times Square with a massive billboard declaring JESUS IS KING:

Following the public attention that this album has received, Google has reported a spike in faith-based searches, with millions of listeners who may not have attended church listening to the teachings of Jesus. According to Bible Gateway, online searches for Scripture passages and faith-based phrases in the songs have spiked since the record was released in late October.

At West’s recent concert in Los Angeles, over 2000 attendees gave their hearts to Christ. Shawn Bolz, American prophetic minister, said this is a “It a Game-Changer for Gospel Outreach.”

Our top songs from Kanye’s album are Selah, and Use This Gospel.

In Selah, Kanye reiterates that God is King, and we are His soldiers. He raps Scripture, focussing on John 8:33 and John 8:36. Kanye raps:

They say the week start on Monday
But the strong start on Sunday

Won’t be in bondage to any man
John 8:33
We the descendants of Abraham
Ye should be made free
John 8:36
To whom the son set free is free indeed

He saved a wretch like me

In Use This Gospel, West encourages believers to depend on Christ, and to enjoy living in the power and freedom of salvation.

In the song he sings:

Use this gospel for protection
a hard road to Heaven
We call on Your blessings
In the Father, we put our faith
King of the kingdom
Our demons are tremblin’
Holy angels defendin’
In the Father, we put our faith

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Date published: 04/11/2019

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