Written by: Fergus Buchan & Val Waldeck
Article source: JOY! Magazine

We were in northern Uganda, hundreds of kilometres from Kampala, as we walked into a village marketplace. It was quite a large village and there were a lot of people milling around. We built a small platform out of sand and that is where I preached from. There was a bar close by and some young men drinking beer started heckling me. I’m used to that kind of environment, so I kept preaching. After praying with those who wanted to receive Christ, I said we were going to pray for the sick. In our ministry, we believe in laying hands on the sick and anointing them with oil in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I moved among the people, anointing them with oil, laying hands on them, and praying the prayer of faith. Among them was a woman in a beautiful, brightly coloured dress wearing a lovely matching head covering. I put my hand on her head and said, “Be healed, in the Name of Jesus!” Someone called me. “I have problems in my stomach and believe I have cancer,” she said as I prayed for her. There were so many people requesting prayer; it was very late when we finished the meeting.

The next morning, a group of pastors woke me. They were very excited. “There are two women here you must speak to,” they said. I went outside and there were the two women I remembered praying for the previous day.

The lady with the matching dress and head covering spoke first. “Sir,” she said, “you prayed for me yesterday. You never asked me what to pray for, and I want to tell you what happened to me.” It turned out that she had a massive open tumour on her head, covered by the headdress. The Lord completely healed her. That night before she went to bed, she had a bath and as she was washing her head the whole tumour came away in her hands.

I looked at the elderly second woman. “You are the one who had the stomach problem,” I said. “You said you had cancer.” She smiled at me. “Yes, I did have cancer. But I am here to testify that the cancer is no more.” “How do you know you are healed?” I asked her. “After you prayed for me, I went back to my house and got ready for bed. I went to the bathroom,” she said, “and everything bad in my stomach came out. It wasn’t like any normal bowel movement. This morning when I awoke, I was completely healed and free of pain.”

We went back and the whole village responded to the Gospel message and surrendered their lives to Christ. One miracle is indeed worth a thousand sermons…

Authors Fergus Buchan and Val Waldeck

Interview with Fergus Buchan
Sharing the Gospel from Africa to London!

Q. How do you maintain a balance between the spiritual and practical aspects of ministry?
I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ came primarily to save the lost and heal the sick. On one of my missionary trips, I was in a village in Karamoja, a very, very wild area of northern Uganda. It was a big village and the chief allowed me to minister, but they wouldn’t come near me. They sat on the periphery holding their spears and shields. It was a three-day meeting and they watched me closely. On the second day, a young girl suffering from epilepsy was brought to me. I laid my hands on her in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, prayed the prayer of faith, and anointed her with oil. The villagers watched intently. She slept peacefully that night and was calm the next day. She was totally healed. When I started ministering on the last day, the chief and his elders walked towards me and said, “Your God is more powerful than our god. That girl is healed. We want the same God in our lives.” I led them to Christ and they repented and said the sinner’s prayer with me. It was an amazing experience. The whole village was impacted by the Gospel because they saw and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit.

Q. Can you share an instance where you experienced a remarkable sign from God?
I was ministering on the borders of Sudan and Kenya in northern Uganda. On the third day of ministry, three witchdoctors approached us. I noticed the crowd looking very fearful. The men were holding two-litre bottles filled with liquid. I knew in my spirit something was amiss. They took the caps off the bottles as they came towards us, but stopped when they were about ten metres away. I learnt later that the liquid was deadly poisonous. The only way I can describe what happened to them is that they seemed to be caught in something like a spider’s web, and they struggled to move forward. The men suddenly dropped their bottles and ran away as fast as they could go. The angels of the Lord were there protecting us. When the crowd saw this, they went wild. That opened the door for me to minister on the protection and favour of the Lord Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit and hundreds of lives were impacted by the Gospel.


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Date published: 17/03/2024

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