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Earlier this year, Christ for all Nations (CfaN) saw 51 students completing the first “Evangelism Bootcamp” – an intensive 6-month training in everything to do with crusade evangelism. This is part of their “Decade of Double Harvest” strategy. To see hundreds of millions of saved, we must multiply the number of evangelists and equip them for the work! And already, it’s bringing incredible results.

CfaN’s first group of Bootcamp graduates arrived in Arusha, Tanzania, in September for their Initiation Trip – their practical phase. They, along with the CfaN Crusade Support Team, hit the ground running. So far, they have done 140 outreaches in various schools, marketplaces, and villages, and have seen well over 100 000 registered decisions for Christ!

It’s the third chapter of Acts!
A Bootcamp graduate, Kole Purdy, was walking in the streets of Tanzania with some colleagues before their Orientation Day. Some locals pointed out a clock tower that is truly significant. This clock tower marks the exact halfway point between Cape Town and Cairo. That’s no coincidence! We are seeing Evangelist Bonnke’s vision for a blood-washed Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo, be fulfilled as we continue preaching the Gospel with a new generation of Holy Spirit evangelists!

A Muslim man comes to Jesus
“We did an outreach in a place called Tengeru. A young Muslim man named Hamzal came up to me asking questions about Jesus. I shared the Gospel and showed him how Jesus is the Son of God. I needed a translator for our trip, and as he spoke such good English, I asked him to come along with me to help. He agreed, and that day he helped me preach the Gospel many times to hundreds of people. The next day he came again – a Muslim helping me, a preacher of the Gospel, to bring Jesus to the people. On the third day, a man totally blind in his right eye approached us. He had been blind since a child because he was badly beaten. I told him, “Today Jesus will open your eye and you will see.” I prayed, and while covering his good eye, he saw outlines of shapes. I prayed again, and he said, “Now things are more defined up close.” I prayed again, and he said he saw the whole light of the sun! As we walked away, Hamzal said to me through tears, “Now that I see this miracle, I am ready to receive Jesus.” He said, “I have preached to convert the people to Allah. Now I want to preach and help people to Jesus for the rest of my life. Today is the best day of my life.” I later had him pray for a man who couldn’t bend for 10 years and was in pain daily. Hamzal placed his hands on the man and said, “In Jesus’ Name” three times. I told the man to stand and test it out. He was smiling, completely healed! Later, Hamzal said, “I want to do this the for rest of my life.” I read the story of Acts 9 to him where Saul became Paul. He said, “That’s me, I will share with all the Muslims about Jesus.” – Jon Farino

A government-endorsed traffic jam
“It was a Friday afternoon –we started the day in a livestock market for the Maasai tribesmen. We parked the truck in a prime spot for hundreds of people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, a government official told us that we had to move because our presence would cause a traffic jam… It surely did! My coach, Evangelist Paul Maurer, took this man aside and, in his spirit, he heard the Lord say, “Ask him if he knows Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke”. Evangelist Bonnke is widely adored all throughout Africa and, when the government official found out we were serving the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke, he said, “Okay! I will give you one hour!” We immediately turned up the music and the dancers began to dance, drawing an even bigger crowd! We preached the Gospel and many people responded and said yes to Jesus! While we were preaching, huge bulls with big, long horns walked by us, no more than six feet away. Many animal sounds tried to distract us, but thanks to the help of our mission partners, we had a big Gospel truck and a loud sound system. Nothing would stop the Lord and His Hand from saving many dozens of souls in the Maasai market that day. Every supporter of this ministry has a share in this great reward. We would have never been able to reach so many people without the technical elements they have made possible.” – Macoby Donaldson

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Date published: 28/10/2020

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