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Written by: Janet Brann-Hollis

South Africa Needs Authority, Governance, & Prayer
Paul explains that each believer is mandated by God to function within a sphere of authority and influence. We are not mandated to go beyond this authority. Authority is not meant to laud and control the will of an individual, but to facilitate Kingdom influence within the individual, the Body of Christ, and a nation. In understanding the topics of authority, governance, and prayer, God is wanting His church to take up her mandate, and to use her authority to govern in the Spirit over territories that the enemy has captured.

South Africa requires the Church to exert its territorial authority in the Spirit. As a nation we are not being governed by Christian values – this is evident in the influence of a humanistic agenda within the education system. Secondly, the proposal to change the marriage act is being debated in parliament. These actions are a direct result of the Church, and the governing intercessors, not taking their stand in the Spirit realm. There is no higher government than God’s government. Jesus was born to bring a new order of governance on the earth (Isa 9:6) The Church is here to legislate God’s governmental order, His will, His Kingdom come.

Do you have a burden for the governance of your nation, and your city? Today, God wants you to accept the call to take up the governing mandate for this hour.

Government Prayer Network
SA Back to God, along with other intercessory movements, is co-labouring in launching the Government Prayer Network. Amongst other issues, the focus of this network is to pray for Government, for cities, and for the Church in the city. We invite you to join this network and take up your mandate as a ‘Governmental Intercessor’.

To join us, on Whatsapp or Telegram, send your name/number to 073 750 6466.

Visit for more information.

“We, on the other hand, will not boast beyond our proper limit, but [will keep] within the limits of our commission (territory, authority) which God has granted to us as a measure, which reaches and includes even you.” – 2 Corinthians 10:13, Amp

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Date published: 08/04/2021
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Janet Brann-Hollis is a prophet based at Acts Church, Midrand. She is part of Harvest International Ministry’s apostolic network and the Regions Beyond Network. She is the founder of SA Back to God and Ruach Ministries. Email

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