Written by: Anna Harrington
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“All you need is truth, good healing hands, dedicated / humble medical practitioners, and the grace and peace of God and Jesus Christ to restore your God-given, self-healing system in your body.”

In 2014, blood appeared in my urine. The scan showed a dark, dead kidney on the right side of my body. It was cancer. My journey had begun. A urologist and a surgeon removed my kidney, urethra, bladder, half of the adrenal glands, and all other glands in my abdominal cavity. The urologist warned me that this type of cancer would probably later pop up in my bladder. It did. I had chemotherapy in the bladder, followed by a cystoscopy every 3 months. During this procedure, cancerous spots were removed from the bladder wall.

What was the cause?
I asked the specialist what caused the cancer and what I needed to change in my lifestyle. All he could say was that medical science could only detect and remove cancer. According to him, the prognosis was good after undergoing the treatment programme. There was nothing I could do, except follow the two year treatment protocol.

Health was deteriorating
Although the specialist removed the spots from my bladder every three months, I could feel my health deteriorating. I was irritated and my skin and hair were in bad condition. My vision was blurry and my tinnitus worsened. My mental abilities also deteriorated. I felt like I was aging quickly and was dying. I was depressed. I knew deep down that something had to change, but what did I have to do? 

Still wondering
By the end of the second year, my urologist wanted to remove my bladder. It was a big shock. I wanted to avoid it, but had no idea what to do. Through a miracle of the Lord, I met a retired professor who suggested a new treatment. The spots reduced, but they were still there. I was still wondering what caused the cancer, because usually it is men over 70 who smoked that contract this kind of cancer. After eight months, I asked the professor to stop this new treatment, as my urethra collapsed. I was extremely uncomfortable with the inflammation, pain, and a constant urge to urinate. I was desperate.

The toxins in my mouth
After desperate prayer, I decided to take control of my body. I hauled out all my health machines: a juicer, smoothie maker, and water distiller. I visited Johan Jacobs at Go Natural and bought his book and the DVD series, Truth About Cancer. During a consultation, he made me aware of the dangers of oral pathology. The source of dangerous toxins in your body can come from dead teeth (root canal-treated teeth), as well as cavities due to teeth that have been incorrectly extracted (without also removing the periodontal ligament).

The xrays of Anna’s mouth before the visit to the biological dentist (bottom) and after the root canals and crowns were removed (Top)

The xrays of Anna’s mouth before the visit to the biological dentist (BOTTOM) and after the root canals and crowns were removed (TOP)

Remove your crowns
About 80% of chronic medical conditions can be linked to certain oral pathology. Initially, I refused to do anything about the many root canals and crowns in my mouth. After all, they cost me R80 000! I followed a detox diet and took several supplements. After two weeks my skin, hair, and eyes improved, but it was expensive and I still didn’t get to the root of the problem. For months Johan tried to convince me to have my root canals and crowns removed, but I stuck to my dental ‘investments’. However, after reading Johan’s book, and Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Levy’s research, I was convinced that the cause of my illness may actually be in my mouth. I decided to remove the ‘root causes’ under the guidance of Johan’s team of biological dentists. I had my last big amalgam filling removed and visited a surgeon who removed five root canals and crowns. 

Body back to normal
I expected to see a difference within two weeks, but none of my symptoms changed. I felt awful, thinking I mutilated myself. Meanwhile, I continued with my smoothies and juicing and rested a lot. After a few weeks I started feeling better. However, I still had urethra pain and suffered from headaches. After three months, my health began to improve. It was sudden. I could feel my energy and strength returning. My digestive and urinary system felt normal again. I slept much better. The discomfort in my urethra improved drastically and so did my eyesight. Even the skin under my feet became soft again after it was hard and cracked. 

Wonderful news!
Then it was time for my next cystoscopy. For the first time in over four years, my cystoscopy was clear. What wonderful news! No cancer. I strongly believe that oral pathology was the cause of my cancer. My recovery truly began after the crowns and root canals were removed. Yes, there is a better way to treat cancer: get to the root of the problem. Do yourself a favour and watch ROOTCAUSE on YouTube, a documentary that looks at oral pathology in detail. God has designed a wonderful system that can heal itself. May the Holy Spirit guide you.

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Johan Jacobs is the founder and author of Go Natural. Visit gonatural.co.za
to order his book

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Date published: 13/09/2019
Feature image: Anna and her husband, Steve, their daughter-in-law, Davidene, and their granddaughter, Dakota

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