Written by: Ina Murrison
Article source: Supplied

The South African Doctor who sacrificed his career to save unborn babies, speaking out against abortion, needs our help!

Jacques first became known as the anti-abortion doctor in 2017 when he advised a woman that her unborn baby was a human being, which resulted in him being barred from his career and charged with unprofessional conduct by the HPCSA.

Prior to that, in 2008, Jacques De Vos was diagnosed with a rare illness which caused extensive blood clots and compromised circulation. At first, Jacques’ body was able to compensate, but with time his condition began to deteriorate. Now, even minor daily activities have become a challenge for Jacques, who has lost some of his independence. 

Now, Jacques struggles to stand and walk, and he often experiences great pain. He wears compression socks to assist with circulation, because without them the condition would worsen. Although Jacques has undergone two operations to try and alleviate his illness, both were unsuccessful, and sadly the trajectory of this illness is not positive.

Jacques has been advised that his health condition could be addressed successfully in London, by a specialised surgeon who has operated on him before. This could literally get Jacques back on his feet and help him to live a healthy life again.

Jacques is due to undergo surgery in London as soon as covid related restrictions have been eased, but he needs help to get there because the cost of going to London to have the procedure done is a determining factor.

If you could assist by contributing towards the cost to get to London and have the procedure, even a small amount, Jacques would be so grateful. Every bit helps!

Please click here to visit his Champion – BackaBuddy page, to contribute.

Please pray for Jacques and his healing. Thank you.

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Date published: 26/03/2021
Feature image: Dr Jacques de Vos

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