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House of Louis is a family enterprise, primarily operating in Africa, Europe, and Asia, with its roots of trusting in God and nurturing its entrepreneurial spirit since 1914. With this deep history, the business focus of the House of Louis is to pass on experience and knowledge gained to positively impact and equip the marketplace. The result was the Business Academy, which was launched in 2003. Since its establishment, the Academy has grown over the years. To date, in excess of 5000 applications have been received and over 1600 students have graduated.

The Academy has achieved consistently high approval ratings from students who have participated, which is a reflection of the quality of the course and the perceived value received by the students. The average student approval rating is between 89% – 92%.

Louis Group


• Lectures are provided at Le Venue Auditorium at the House of JC Le Roux, Stellenbosch
• Smaller group sessions are provided at the Devon Valley Hotel, Stellenbosch

Periods & Dates:
• The course convenes over 12
consecutive weeks
• Saturdays 9:00 to 12:00
(3 x 45-minute lectures with breaks)
• The starting date is the 25th January 2020

• For those students living far from Stellenbosch, we could discuss private transport from a central point in Cape Town or Bellville.

The principles taught, the lessons expressed, and the examples given come from a Christian worldview.

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine [which means teaching], for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God [which also includes the business person] may be complete [armed with intelligence], thoroughly equipped for every good work [equipped to be a success].”
– 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Observe the order of mention in this verse, that the Bible is profitable first for “doctrine” (teaching). If the soul is unestablished in Bible doctrine, then there can be no firm foundation for faith to rest upon, or intelligence cultivated. Too many institutions today teach the philosophy that “ignorance is the mother of devotion” (keep people ignorant and the wealthy get wealthier). According to the teaching of Scripture, “Ignorance is the mother of error”.

Does the Academy apply to me?

  • Yes, if you are an Entrepreneur
  • Yes, if you are a Professional
  • Yes, if you are an Employee
  • Definitely, if you are Unemployed
  • Maybe, for the School Leaver or Student, but the practicalities may be difficult to grasp
  • Certainly, if you are willing to gain knowledge of the marketplace.

The Academy is guided by and framed within the Christian Biblical view of the marketplace.

Learning through discovery
It is a well-known fact that people remember more if they participate in discovering the answers to the questions posed to them. We therefore supplement the lecture and tutorial elements of the course with activities, case studies, and role-plays where the tutors are engaged in the learning process together with the students. Where Universities teach academic theory, our Academy focuses on real life issues and practicalities. The relationship between theory and practice will always be reciprocal, opposite sides of the same coin.

Paying it forward
The Hollywood movie, Pay It Forward, made the principle of paying it forward famous. This principle is, in fact, a very old one that asks the recipient of a good deed to repay it to others instead of to the original benefactor.

The Academy is sincere and benevolent in its offering and does not promote any commercial product. Neither does the Academy take any course fee, it is purely a programme for advanced knowledge and practical application of biblical truth within our postmodern world.

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Date published: 18/11/2019

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