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I attended the “Ministerial Dialogue with Religious Leaders” in Johannesburg on 26 September. Hosted by the Department of Home Affairs and attended by several hundred religious leaders from various faith groups, the event was convened to discuss governments plans to develop a single Marriage Act that will regulate “all forms of marriage.”

The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi arrived two hours late. His address focused on the absence of laws that recognise Muslim, Hindu and Jewish marriage rites and the various challenges facing Home Affairs including fake marriages and corrupt religious marriage officers complicit in fraudulent marriages.

Significantly however, Dr. Motsoaledi did not mention the real reason government is planning to scrap the current three Marriage Acts in favour of a single Marriage Act.

The Home Affairs Statement declared, “The Minister announced plans to develop a new marriage policy after consultation with gender and human rights groups” – (read sexual rights groups that include UN agency UNICEF). These groups claim separate Marriage Acts for same-sex and opposite sex marriages impair the dignity of homosexuals and is therefore discriminatory.

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The Minister and his deputy failed to mention this fact to the assembled religious leaders. I believe the “Ministerial Dialogue with Religious Leaders” was convened primarily to legitimise government’s claims they “consulted with all sectors of society” when they eventually abolish the Biblical ideal of marriage.

I recall participating in an SA Law Reform Commission (SALRC) workshop in 2001 to discuss new marriage policies for South Africa. Six different “marriage formulas” were proposed. These included opposite sex and same-sex “marriages,” polygamous marriages, civil unions with opt-out clauses and intergenerational “marriages” (adults marrying children).

Government’s proposed “single Marriage Act” will presumably regulate “all forms or formulas of marriage” under one overarching piece of legislation. This leaves the door open for polyamorous “marriages” (group marriage) and anything else sexual rights radicals can conceive.

The ultimate goal is to provide citizens with all the benefits of marriage minus the long-term commitment and sacrifice it requires to create the basis for strong, stable and prosperous family life.

Homosexual activists rejected the “Civil Union Act” as discriminatory when it was enacted in 2006. They demanded a single “Marriage Act” to regulate “all forms of marriage” because – as they contend – “all forms of marriage are equally valid and legitimate – negating the need for three separate Marriage Acts.”

Sexual rights activists also contend, the Biblical ideal of marriage is outdated and in conflict with the provisions of equality and human dignity afforded by the South African Constitution. The development of the “single Marriage Act” is evidence that government agrees with these claims.

As a result of pressure from the United Nations (UN) and local sexual rights groups, government has capitulated and surrendered a social institution – that faithfully served human civilization for thousands of years – to the whims of anti-family radicals.

Alarmingly, UN agencies like UNESCO and UNFPA are behind the implementation of CSE in South Africa’s schools and UNICEF is involved in the single marriage policy to placate sexual rights activists.

Monogamous heterosexual marriage is the first and most enduring of social institutions that served humanity with distinction. It is the glue that holds societies together. 

Marriage, an institution that stood for thousands of years across countless cultures is now considered discriminatory to what is essentially a social engineering experiment in existence for only 25 years.

The South African government has in effect partnered with global sexual rights radicals to destroy human civilisation’s most enduring social institution for no other reason but to legitimise a counterfeit construct with no social benefit.

The critical question is, will the Christian Church roll over and play dead while government destroys the very foundations of society or will it actively fulfil its Biblical mandate as the “ground and the pillar of the truth” in society?

Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

FOR SA’s Daniela Ellerbeck discusses what FOR SA’s position on the modernisation of South Africa’s marriage laws is, in light of the Department of Home Affairs’ Proposed Marriage Policy.

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Date published: 03/10/2019

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