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Barbara Cilliers, a JUIG! Tydskrif contributor and intercessor, has followed God’s call to set up a prayer movement for farmers in South Africa. She shared the following with us:

The Lord gave me an instruction that He desires for every farm and every farmer in this nation to be prayed for by name and that all farm activities and staff should be covered in prayer! This seems a daunting task, but our Father gave a very simple and do-able strategy to implement this.

Farmers are facing severely trying times in agriculture. It is His desire to see His kingdom come to every farm and for each piece of land to be saturated in prayer. In each farming district there are farm roads with a number of farms situated along these roads. The Lord instructed to find one or more persons on each farm road to commit to take 10-15 minutes a day, at a time convenient to them, to pray for the farms on their specific farm road. They would pray for the farm and farmers by name as well as cover the staff and farm activities.

Will you consider becoming part of this strategy to minister healing to the farming community through prayer? Persons living in towns and with a heart for farming may also adopt a farm road in prayer. To receive the full document with prayer information, please email your request to kingsgate8@gmail.com. A bi-weekly WhatsApp prayer is also available. Kindly WhatsApp your name and the name of your town to 063 721 5248.

The full strategy is outlined below:

We are all aware that farmers face several uncertainties regarding the future of farming in South Africa. The severity of the continuing droughts, as well as confusion regarding land re-distribution and farm attacks are of the most prevalent ones. The Lord has given us a prayer strategy to suggest to the local farming community. The focus is mainly to not only set up the physical farm watch which is already in place, but also a prayer watch or shield as we believe it is the Lord’s desire that every farm and its people in our nation should be saturated by name with intentional, focused and persevering prayer. We do not just pray for protection, but also for the advancing of the kingdom of God.

Physical farm watches as well as farm prayer watches:

As in the time of Nehemiah when they rebuilt the walls with one hand while holding their weapons in the other hand, in the same way we are in a process of building the walls of prayer around our farms and farming communities, while simultaneously keeping the physical watch against any possible intrusion (Neh.4:16-23). Currently, physical farm watches exist on most access roads, with people patrolling them. We are busy establishing Farm Prayer Watches along each road in every farming district.

This may seem like a very daunting task, but our God made the strategy very simple as you will see in the “How you can participate” section below.

The focus for each Farm Prayer Watch is as follows:

  • Every farm to be prayed for by name (uninhabited farms as well).
  • Every farmer & family to be prayed for by name.
  • All employees & families to be covered in prayer.
  • All farming activities to be covered in prayer, e.g. harvest, day-to-day management etc. <ad rotate>


  1. Do you live on a farm? If you live on a farm, then your farm would be situated on a farm road, consisting of a few neigbouring farms on that same farm road.
  2. Responding to the call: One person living on a farm which is situated on their particular farm road, responds to the call to become a watchman for the road.
  3. 10-15 Minutes: He/she commits to pray 10-15 minutes per day for every farm and farmer by name and to cover all staff and activities on the farms in prayer according to the prayer focus above (Ps.5:1-3). Please see prayer guidelines below.
  4. Approach others: If you know of one or two more Christians on your farm road, approach them prayerfully and invite them to join the Farm Watch for your farm road.
  5. 8-10 Farms: Should a farm road have more than 10 farms, it is best to divide the road in two and for someone else to raise the prayer watch on the second portion of your farm road.
  6. Farm Road Coordinator: One of the persons that are part of the Prayer Watch on the farm road, could agree to be the Farm Watch Coordinator.
  7. Keeping Contact: The Farm Road coordinator sets up a Whatsapp group to share relevant information, Word prayers, warnings or prayer requests received from the physical farm patrols (SAP or other). A monthly prayer time or whatever is convenient, could be arranged with all those part of the Farm Road Watch.
  8. Growing the District Farm Watch: Pray and ask the Lord whom to approach on other farm roads within the town district in order to introduce the strategy to them, so that they are able to start a farm watch on their own farm road.
  9. District Watch Coordinator: Trust the Lord for someone to emerge to become the coordinator for the whole town district in order to encourage and keep contact.
  10. Combined Prayer Time: A suggestion: the District Watch coordinator could organise a monthly or bi-monthly prayer meeting with all the Farm Road Watches within that districts to encourage one another and pray together.
  11. Urban Areas: In urban areas where farms are situated around big cities and/or towns, it may be necessary to establish farm sectors, with a sector coordinator who is responsible to see that Farm Prayer Watches are established and prayer mobilised for each farm road within their district/sector.
  12. Town residents: Residents of towns and cities are welcomed to be part of Farm Prayer Watches to support and join in prayer. Someone living in a town and with a heart for farms, could adopt a farm road, provided they can find the names and get to know the seasonal activities on those farms.

Note: There are already persons living in towns who have heard of this strategy, that are applying this strategy to pray for everyone on their streets by name.


The focus of the WhatsApp group should not be to pray “against anyone”. The focus is to set our eyes and hearts towards the Lord and to bring our petitions before His throne of grace where we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Heb.4:18).

  • Humble ourselves: Humble ourselves before the Lord, allowing the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and minds to see if there is any bitterness, anger, pride, rebellion, resentment, dishonesty etc. in our hearts (John 16:8).
  • Repentance: Repent of any convicted sins so we may stand before Him with clean hands and a pure heart (Nehemiah 1:4-11; Ps.24:3-4; Ps.51:10).
  • Dedicate the land to Him: The Word teaches that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and the land belongs to the Lord first. Daily we re-dedicate our farms back to the Lord (Ps.24:1; Lev.25:23-24).
  • Stewards of the land: Pray for the Lord to teach us to be good stewards of the land that He has entrusted us with (Luke12:42-44; Gen.2:15).
  • Salvation of the lost: Pray for the salvation of everyone on every farm (Matt.9:13). Pray for farmers to develop as pastors on their farms.
  • Pray for families: For strong family ties and good interpersonal relationships. Pray for marriages to endure challenges. Times of hardship can take its toll on families. We pray that times of hardships will cause them to draw together.
  • Restoration of relationships: There is much mistrust between people groups which is incited by political parties. Pray for restoration & reconciliation in relationships between farmers and staff; for trust to be restored where it has been broken. Praying together will cause mistrust to fade as we pray and begin to hear one another’s hearts. (James 5:16; Acts 17:30; Acts 3:19).
  • Serving one another: Pray that we will learn to serve one another in love. No-one is elevated above the other in God’s sight. Repent of all pride and misunderstanding that has kept us divided (James 4:10).
  • Praying Word prayers: Share Scripture prayers that exalt the Lord. Declare His Word over the farms and on every road. His Word is Spirit and life and has creative power when we pray and declare it (John 6:63).
  • Rain: Pray for rain in its season on each farm so that the nation may have food in abundance 26:3-4).
  • Protection: Pray for protection over farms against attacks, fires, calamities, pestilences, health etc.
  • Infiltration of evil: Pray against the intrusion of individuals with evil intent who want to draw the hearts of innocent people into rebellion and witchcraft (91).
  • Those standing guard/patrolling: It is very important to pray for the physical farm watch persons. It can become a wearying as well as tense task. We pray that they will be alert to discern when there is danger; for their personal lives and families; for emotional healing where they may have had to face difficult situations and trauma.

Practical Ideas:

  1. Face-to-face Prayer: Once a week or bi-weekly when possible, those praying daily can gather for a short time of prayer on one of the farms, rotating as weeks go by.
  2. Involving farmers in prayer: after having prayed for a few weeks, farmers can be invited to gather for a time of prayer and to share a meal on a regular basis at a time convenient for them.
  3. Scripture reading and prayer with employees: Farmers can be encouraged to start sharing a daily Scripture reading and to pray with their employees. A simple guideline to assist them, can be to start by praying the Lord’s Prayer together, or other well-known Scriptures like: Psalm 23; Psalm 121 etc. Scripture prayers posted on the whatsapp prayer group will be of great help to farmers on this.
  4. Prayerwalking: Apart from praying on the group, prayerwalking on farms can also be done – praying at homes of employees, at water sources, at the fields where crops are growing, where livestock are held, at the gates of the farms. Especially Christian employees can also participate in such activities. Prayer for protection not only from intrusion, but also against devastating fires, diseases in crops and livestock, or other natural phenomena is important. If the area is too large to cover on foot, a prayer drive can be done as often as the Holy Spirit leads.
  5. Advancing the Kingdom of God: We always pray for the kingdom of God to advance in every person’s life and on every farm. Prayer times with all staff and farmers on the farm roads can be organised where a gospel message can be brought. Combined youth meetings for youth on farms can also be organised to expose them to the gospel fo the kingdom and leadership training. The Lord will guide and give His plans for every individual road. <ad rotate>

May the Lord give us grace to continue to watch and pray and build a wall of prayer around our farms for His glory, while at the same time keeping watch physically. May the Lord, when he sees our farms before His eyes, find a wall of prayer built around the farming community so that His plans and purposes may prevail in our nation.

You are encouraged to study Nehemiah to follow his example of prayer (Neh.1:4-11); the encouragement to rise up and build (Neh.2:18); to not be dismayed at the enemy or by those who do not participate (Neh.2:20; Neh.4:7-9; Neh.3:5); and to see it come to pass that all turn back to God, gather before Him to pray, read the Word and exalt the King of kings who lives and reigns forever as in Nehemiah 8 and 9.

Will you consider becoming part of this strategy to minister healing to the farming community through prayer? Persons living in towns and with a heart for farming, may also adopt a farm road in prayer.

To receive the full document with prayer information, please email your request to Barbara Cilliers at: kingsgate8@gmail.com

A bi-weekly whatsapp prayer is also available. To receive this, kindly whatsapp your name and the name of your town/city to 063 721 5248.

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Date published: 03/02/2020
Feature image: Shutterstock/Darryl Smith

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