Written by: Hermien van den Bergh
Article source: JOY! Magazine

We are doing mission work in Maseru, Lesotho, and I am reminded of a dramatic event that happened on our first mission outreach here in 2017. My son, Dawid, and I were ministering in a clothing factory in Maseru; the workers were lining up to receive prayer from us. A young Sesotho lady came to sit next to me on a small bench and shyly explained that no one in the factory liked her. She asked for prayer that people would like her again, and for God to give her a husband. I thought it was a fairly easy request and I started praying. Next thing, I got the fright of my life!

Demonic manifestation
She let out a soul-piercing scream and fell onto the floor. She kept screaming and writhing on her stomach. The commotion attracted a crowd of onlookers and I felt overwhelmed. I urged the workers to call Dawid and To Chan to come and help me. To Chan is the factory owner, a dear friend, and a dedicated marketplace minister. He and Dawid were ministering in different parts of the factory.

Do what Jesus commanded us
I was in a difficult situation and decided to do what Jesus instructed in His Word – to command the demons to leave the person in His Name. I was relieved to see To Chan and Dawid approaching and together we continued the battle to deliver this young lady from her torment. The atmosphere was tense and the girl was super strong, making it difficult for people to subdue her. Finally she calmed down, turning around she looked dazed. People helped her up and led her to her work station. I asked the factory manager to comfort her and to give her tea to drink. She was clearly too scared to come near me.

“Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons.” – Matthew 10:8

How could we help her?
I was torn between attending to her and praying for the long line of people still awaiting their turn. It was a Friday afternoon and I was concerned that she would go home for the weekend in an unstable condition. I discussed the problem with To Chan. He suggested that we call her into an office later to find out what had happened and to see how we could help her.

Walking into the office, she became alarmed when she saw me. I invited her to sit next to me and persuaded her via an interpreter not to be scared of me – that we were there to help her. She sat down, but was clearly still very nervous.

Cursed by a witchdoctor
She said that when I prayed for her it felt like hundreds of needles were piercing her body. I assured her that I had nothing to do with it and asked her, “Do you have any idea why people in the factory do not like you? Is it possible that someone might have cursed you?” We were then saddened to hear that her own sister had taken revenge on her after a fight between them and paid a witchdoctor to curse her so that nobody would like her. As a result she was in great distress being ostracised by workers in the factory, fearing that no man would ever marry her.

In difficult situations, the best is always to follow God’s commands in the Bible.

Reconciliation and forgiveness brings freedom
It is hard to fathom that anyone could be so mean to do such a thing to someone else, let alone to your own sister. The Holy Spirit prompted me to suggest that she forgive her sister because that would break the evil that kept them bound. She nodded yes when I asked her if she would forgive her sister. She was also willing for her sister to be summoned to the office so that she could forgive her in person. Her sister was petrified when she walked into the office and saw the factory owner, management, us missionaries, and her sister awaiting her. I reassured her and explained that we wanted to help them restore their relationship. “Your sister has already forgiven you; would you be willing to do the same?” I asked her. The two sisters forgave each other and embraced tearfully.

Demons and witchcraft
We learnt later that the life of the young lady was completely changed and her relationships restored in the factory. That was a sweet victory, knowing that the work of darkness was destroyed.

Demons and witchcraft are foreign to the western mind, but in certain cultures it is the order of the day. When facing a difficult situation like this, our best modus operandi is to follow God’s orders in the Bible. We are guaranteed success when we act in faith, working through love.

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Date published: 19/04/2022
Hermien Van Den Bergh – a travelling missionary. For anyone interested in following her and Dawid’s journey, or to invite them as guest speakers, visit lofunlimited.org, email info@lofunlimited.org or WhatsApp “LOFU” to 060 070 2753

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