Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

An agreement between the European Union (EU) and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries is up for renewal in November 2023. Formerly known as the “Cotonou Agreement” – which focused primarily on trade and economic issues – the new EU–ACP Treaty” was expanded to encompass social, sexual, educational, environmental, and human rights issues.

Kimberly Ells, author of “Invincible Family” writes, “The treaty is touted by the EU as a mutually beneficial agreement that will advance common goals and values. The truth is, however, that the treaty intends to meld the votes of the African UN member states with the votes of European member states so they vote as a massive conglomerate.”  On the EU’s website it states:

“The EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific states represent over 1.5 billion people and more than half of the seats at the United Nations. With this new agreement, we will be better equipped to address emerging needs and global challenges, such as climate change, ocean governance, migration, health, peace and security.”  (And use ACP nations to create a dominant voting bloc).

“This statement makes it clear that an anticipated benefit of the Agreement is to secure a majority of votes at the UN. What they’re essentially saying is, when they get the African nations to agree to vote in concert with the EU on virtually every issue, they will be able to steamroll through UN negotiations and push their (EU) global agenda forward a lot more rapidly.

“Additionally, the EU-ACP Treaty strengthens the role of the “Council of Ministers” (co-chaired by the EU), which will have power to make binding legal decisions impacting the laws and policies of 48 African countries.” Essentially, it is a modern form of ideological and cultural colonization.

The Treaty requires African countries to adopt radical sexual policies. Ells writes, “Africa has long been a battleground for sexual activism. Invasive forces have attempted to upend traditional African values and strongarm Africans into adopting Western attitudes about sex and sexuality.”

“That’s one reason the EU has chosen a new strategy: Propose a nice sounding treaty, cleverly load it up with everything they’ve ever wanted including a radical sexual agenda, entice the Africans to sign the treaty voluntarily, and hope they don’t notice what they’re signing up for.”

“Article 40 of the Agreement directs treaty parties to promote “universal access” to “sexual and reproductive health information and education” and “relevant health-care services.” One of the “relevant health-care services” they are referring to, of course, is abortion, which is seen as an abhorrent practice throughout much of Africa but is a cornerstone of the UN’s SD Goals.”

“Promoting “sexual and reproductive health information and education” means promoting comprehensive sexuality education. Comprehensive sexuality education programs developed in Western countries and exported to Africa often present sexual pleasure as a right for children.

It instructs children how to give and receive sexual pleasure, promote abortion, promote homosexual sex, denigrate traditional family values, and promote transgender theory which teaches children that their body does not determine whether they are male or female. These elements hasten the erosion of the family unit and therefore, the erosion of society itself.”

Family Policy Institute

“Article 40 of the Agreement directs treaty parties to utilize UNESCO’s International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education document. This document not only promotes sexual rights for children but normalizes homosexuality, sexual self-stimulation, sex outside marriage, and trains children how to say yes to sex.” The Treaty will make CSE mandatory at all levels of education.

Additionally, the EU-ACP Treaty pushes the door wide open for foreign aid to be used to coerce African countries into complying with EU values, including sexual values (and the EU’s anti-family and anti-Christian agenda) which are in direct opposition to the beliefs of most Africans.”

“The new EU-ACP Treaty binds Africa and the surrounding countries to endorse the United Nations Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, commit to extreme climate activism, surrender their independent vote in international settings, and implement comprehensive sexuality education and LGBT policies that are contrary to their core (beliefs) and value systems.”

“When African dignitaries sign this treaty, they are voluntarily putting their people in bondage to the European Union. Though the treaty is often sold as an equal partnership between the EU and the ACP countries, it is unlikely that the EU will happily bow to the wishes of African diplomats.”

Ells continues, “Africans will no doubt be expected to do what their wise, white neighbours to the north tell them to do. In fact, that appears to be the very intent of the treaty: To bring the culturally unruly African countries under the control of supposedly more civilized forces.”

“The EU-ACP Treaty could be likened to modern day re-enslavement of African peoples to European masters. And African countries—if they sign this treaty—will not be able to escape this enslavement for at least the next 20 years.”  This is cultural imperialism at its very worse.

Thankfully, Namibia is the first African country to officially declare it will not sign the new treaty.”

I will address these critical issues at the “African Christian Professionals Forum” (ACPF) Annual Conference (online) 28/29 November – along with my international pro-family colleagues, Sharon Slater (FWI), Ashems Songwe MP, Malawi, Ann Mbugua ACPF Chairperon and others.

Lifesite news and other international pro-family news agencies are sounding the alert, “Pending EU treaty will force LGBTQ ideology, sex-ed for kids on Africa, Caribbean, Pacific nations.”

Please pray that South Africa and other ACP countries will recognise the true intent of the new EU-ACP Treaty and refuse to sign it. You can sign the international Petition to ACP diplomats here.

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Date published: 14/11/2023
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