Written by: Pearl Kupe
Article source: JOY! Magazine

Violence shall no longer be heard in your land, neither wasting nor destruction within your borders; but you shall call your walls salvation, and your gates praise.” – Isaiah 60:18

Recently we’ve seen a string of violence break out in some South African cities, particularly in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. The violence has been alleged to stem from xenophobia, whilst others say these are acts of criminality. Whatever the case, it is important to curb this violence quickly.

Christians must stand together
This is predominantly a spiritual issue that the Church must first address through faith, with prayer, and with works – through acts of service, love, and kindness to counter the hatred and hostility that is being unleashed in the land.

Spiritual attack in SA
This is a diabolical spiritual attack aimed at isolating South Africa from the rest of Africa and to bring division in Africa and stem the revival that has been prophesied for South Africa and the continent. Many social media messages that have been sent out are false and are sent out to provoke and unleash an unprecedented stream of violence throughout the continent. The Church must wage war against this plan of enemy.

Scriptures on xenophobia
The Biblical mandate given to us is to help “strangers” or foreigners, not to kill them (Hebrews 13:2, Matthew 25:35, and others). We are to treat them with courtesy and provide active support and provision to them. Criminal elements must be dealt with within the ambits of the law, not through mob violence or vigilantism.

Christians must counter the hatred and hostility that is being unleashed in the land.

Culture of violence
As a nation, we must address the culture of violence that plagues this nation and rebuke every murderous spirit that hovers over the land. Women are at the receiving end of this violence, with gender based violence becoming such a problem, that President Cyril Ramaphosa recently declared a state of emergency so that Parliament can urgently address this issue partly through legislation.

Watch and pray
Isaiah 60:18 is a powerful verse to pray in this season. The scripture rebukes violence and declares the nation’s walls to be walls of salvation and the nation’s gates as gates of praise. Pray Isaiah 60:18-22 over the land. Proclaim Psalm 24:7-10, instructing South Africa to lift up her gates and everlasting doors to let the King of glory, the Lord almighty, battle in this land.

Serve the nation! We must go out and volunteer
Go out to areas of need and serve your city with acts of love and kindness. Volunteer to clean up areas of violence and help provide food and shelter to the vulnerable and displaced. Ke Nako! Rise up in worship, prayer, and prophecy to the land!

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DR. Pearl Kupe is an attorney & International consultant to World leaders & International organisations. Pearl is the President of Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com

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Date published: 16/10/2019

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