Written by: Ashley Hewitt

A new project has been launched by The People SA, a Non Profit Organization that aims to assist the Malaika Orphanage in Johannesburg through “people working with people.” The goals of the organization are to make a difference to young lives, working towards creating a stable and healthy environment where children are able to grow and reach their full potential.

The goal is to provide a bridge for those who want to escape the poverty trap and support for those who want to help themselves. An additional educational facility is being planned, to take place at Christ Church Hillbrow, which will be a blessing to the children.

This new project focuses on the neglected building of Florence in Johannesburg, which was originally planned for inner city development. Currently, there are 500 residents, with around one-third of those being small children.

There is a courtyard in the building, which is home to approximately 800 tons of discarded rubbish. The organization has committed to tackling the massive task of cleaning the building, including the courtyard.

Phase three of the cleanup has just begun. The first two phases involved tackling the internal areas of the building, including the installation of 40 steel dustbins, setting up a building council with duties, renovating the orphanage itself and doing general repairs to the building, externally and internally. Work in the courtyard is underway, and the goal is to complete it within the next month.

The People SA has a long-term plan for sustainability and community upliftment. They intend to create jobs and an economic ecosystem within the building through a variety of planned methods. These include a woodworking station, various trades, sowing stations, a rooftop food garden, and more.

Additionally, The People SA has ensured free schooling for 11 children from the orphanage. They have begun setting up learning facilities to get children off the streets of Hillbrow to spend their afternoons in a safe and nurturing space where extra help and food is provided.

If you’d like to contribute to the upliftment of the children at the orphanage, you can also follow on Instagram @thepeople.sa and join them on FaceBook: The People – Malaika Orphanage Center

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Date published: 07/04/2021
Feature image: thepeoplesa.org

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