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We are facing the greatest threat to religious freedom in South Africa yet, in the form of the PEPUDA Amendment Bill. 

This Bill will make a target of every person and institution of faith and lead to a flood of litigation and punitive sanctions (fines, even jail time or closure of religious institutions) against you – simply for expressing and practising your religious beliefs!

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FOR SA is calling all religious leaders and people of faith in South Africa to be informed of the severe threat, and to make sure Government hears your voice! 

To assist you, we have prepared template submissions for you to use “as is” or adapt, and then send to the Department of Justice by WEDNESDAY, 30 JUNE 2021.

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Date published: 06/06/2021
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  1. Another step by the authorities to introduce communist ideology under the supposedly democracy.
    What about the silent majority Christians who do not know what the government is doing and who do not have the means to object. More than 80% of the population are Christians.
    The proposed legislation is in violation of the constitution of religious freedom.

  2. I want to refer you to the South African Constitution which guarantees religious freedom for all who live in this country. You have no right to even hint otherwise. I take strong exception to this proposal. I am a Christian and have the right to worship my Lord Jesus Christ, and to witness to others about it as well.

  3. The South African constitution was given recognition all over the world as one of the best, if not the best. The ANC played an active role in drafting this constitution – now the same ANC is attacking this very constitution on several fronts. The ANC government is busy pushing legislation on taking away private ownership of land, freedom of religion, freedom of association in terms of private medical services etc., all against the very constitution they helped to put together. All of this is happening while corruption is running rampant, the infrastructure (especially at municipal level) is falling apart, the SAPS is becoming the biggest “crime syndicate” in the country……stop attacking our constitution and start doing what the SA voters asked of you by voting you into power.

  4. God be with South Africa I know that this is from the demonic realm and we as Christ followers need to pray against this onslaught of worship Forgive us

  5. As here in America under the biblically egregious Constitutional Republic and its First Commandment violating First Amendment, this appears to be but the consequent of religious freedom for the destruction of Christian liberty.

    Christians who promote religious freedom are their own worst enemies!

    Regardless where its found, Religious Freedom and Christian Liberty are NOT the same thing. In fact, Christian Liberty (aka biblical dominion) was sacrificed on the altar Religious Freedom.

    Without the parameters of the Bible’s moral law, the First Amendment (or anything comparable anywhere else) has proven to be a toxic brew. For example, Amendment 1 condemns the prohibition of speech, whether spoken or written. Does the Bible provide for free speech or does it limit speech? What about freedom of speech and freedom of the press as it concerns Yahweh Himself? Does God grant us freedom to curse Him or blaspheme His name?

    On the other hand, freedom of speech and freedom of the press is used to provide protection for those who promote false religions, in utero infanticide, sodomy, drug abuse, violence, obscenities, and other abominations condemned by Yahweh.

    The provision in Amendment 1 for United States citizens to assemble peaceably appears innocuous. But is it harmless to give sodomites, infanticide advocates, and Satanists the right to assemble peaceably? If you are a proponent of the Constitution and a defender of Amendment 1, you must also champion the rights of such criminals and anti-Christians to assemble and promote their wicked agendas.

    Homosexuals and infant assassins claim freedom of speech and the right to assemble to combat Christians who speak out or assemble against these heinous people and their brazen debauchery. By labeling what Christians do as hate crimes, these immoral people are able to employ Amendment 1 against Christians speaking and/or assembling against these atrocities.

    According to the Bill of Rights, it is the alleged religious right of these sodomites, baby killers, and Satanists to use Amendment 1 against Christians.

    For more, see Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page and scroll down to Chapter 11.

  6. This proposed legislation is a violation of the constitutions of religious freedom for all.
    The ANC is attacking the very constitution that they helped to draft. They are becoming dictatorial and want to rule and
    possess everything, their greed will be the downfall of the country.
    I am totally against the proposed legislation and it has communistic ideology

  7. The constitution guarantees all citizens the right to religious freedom. We want to exercise that freedom in every way. The clergy must be free to use their own judgments. And believers free to share their faith.


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