Written by: Ann Kioko
Article source: CitizenGO

The worst of the conferences to have ever happened in African soil is about to kick off in Nairobi,Kenya in less than a month’s time. The conference will bring together over 10,000 radical feminists and abortionists to Kenya . No pro-life group has been accepted to participate yet.

The agenda of this conference include and not limited to:

  • Legalization of sex work (prostitution),
  • Legalization of same sex unions,
  • Access to cross sex hormones and gender reassignment surgery and
  • That Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as a crucial component of sexual health.
  • It also requires that adolescent (10-18) access sexual and reproductive health services without parental consent and this services include contraceptives and abortion.

Please help us reach 10,000 signatures so that we can deliver them to the president of Kenya who will be hosting the conference in Nairobi together with UNFPA and the Denmark government.

The rights of unborn babies are at risk, the rights of children as well. The gender ideology has always remained the greatest threat to the family institution across the globe.  That is why we need to stand firm and reject the agenda of this upcoming conference.

We need to take action to save the future generation! There is something you can do about this dear Erin.  First we need you to SIGN this petition, and if you have already signed, please take the extra step and SHARE it with all your social networks.

Please SHARE the petition now.

Finally and very important, we need you to write a message on a piece of paper which says “ICPD25 DOES NOT REPRESENT ME“, then write your name and country below the message after which you take a photo of you holding the message and send in the photo to akioko@citizengo.net or reply to this message.

Thank you so much for standing to be counted as we fight for life, family and freedom!

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Date published: 20/10/2019

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