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The Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) has recently started a petition to have a National Ancestors’ Day on 8 May 2022.

It hopes to have this day declared a national holiday in the first week of May.

The Secretary general of Contralesa Zolani Mkiva alleges that this is not a religious issue, but a spiritual issue. He claims that the move is to “liberate the voice of the Africans”. In response we agree that it is indeed it is a spiritual issue.

We disagree and oppose having a day dedicated as National Ancestors day, on the grounds that:

1) South Africa,  a predominantly Christian nation, reserves the right to oppose the invocation of ancestral spirits in the land on the grounds that it is contrary to the faith, beliefs and principles of the majority in this nation.
2) May 25th is a day that has already been dedicated as Africa Day by the AU. If the purpose is to acknowledge Africa, a day has already been set aside by the Africa union for acknowledgment of the continent and its Ubuntu values.

Psalms 24:1-The earth is the Lords and the fullness of it therefore. South Africa belongs to God and not to ancestral spirits or otherwise. We acknowledge Him as our Creator and Lord.

If you would like to  oppose and take as stand against the petition to have an annual National Ancestors day, please sign this petition.

The Petitions Will Be Emailed And Hand Delivered To:

Private Secretary: Mandisa Mbele, Ms
Postal Address: Private Bag X802, PRETORIA, 0001
Street Address: 87 Hamilton Street, Arcadia, PRETORIA, 0083
Phone:012 334 0702
Cell:082 580 2213

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Date published: 13/04/2022
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  1. Really? Instead of yet another holiday start seriously pulling together to build a country that one can be proud of. Honour your ancestors by remembering them with love.

  2. 25 May has already been acknowledged as African day. We do not need another public holiday. South africa consists mainly of Christians and not ancestral worshipers. It’s against the scriptures.

  3. We have 1 Eternal God, His son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Truth, The Way and the life, nobody goes to the Father, except through Him.

  4. So basically a holiday to worship satan. Satan already gets Halloween and others. We already murder unborn same sex marriages etc etc. Seriously SA!!! Get on your knees and repent and ask for forgiveness to The Lord for what we are doing.


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