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According to a survey conducted by sociological company, Rating, 44% of Ukrainian families are now separated. The cause is war and 44% aren’t just statistics on paper – they are living people.

Our source and one of FEBC Ukraine’s (Far East Broadcasting Company) broadcasters, Pastor Sergey, has become a part of this statistic. Having to let his family go to ensure their safety he shared this photo that he says was taken one month and 24 days before the war began. He says:

“We are in this together from a distance now all we have is hope, hope is rooted in the Lord. Immediately I remember the precious words of Psalm 27:14, “Trust in the Lord, be strong in the Lord, and let your hearts be strong in the LORD. Put your trust in the Lord!”

Pastor Sergey has remained behind to minister the Word to his fellow Ukrainians. Since the start of the war, he has been walking the streets of Kyiv to document the destruction of the war and has conducted several interviews with foreign journalists, providing a truthful portrayal of the events happening on the ground.

He has seen all kinds of destructions around Kyiv. He’s spoken with soldiers, the displaced and the elderly and has helped take care of their families. When speaking to those he meets in the streets he tells them; “In these times of sorrow, the Word is really like a faithful friend who will not leave or abandon you! The Word of God is alive. It’s not just words on a page. It is something that you can know and experience for yourself.”

Last week during his travels around the city he came across the destruction of a local shopping mall and answers a question that so many Ukrainians have been asking; “What happens if I die?” Here is how Sergey answered this question, and the advice he is giving others in Ukraine.

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Date published: 13/04/2022

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