The ACDP calls on government to abandon plans to introduce Comprehensive Sexuality Education

“Honourable Speaker,

One of the few statements President Cyril Ramaphosa made during his State of the Nation Address that the ACDP warmly welcomes is his reassurance that government will not interfere with the Constitutional mandate of the Reserve Bank to protect the value of our currency in the interest of balanced and sustainable growth.  He stated that, and I quote “today, we reaffirm this Constitutional mandate which the Reserve Bank must pursue independently, without fear, favour or prejudice.”

The ACDP encourages the President to be resolute in his defense of the independence of the Reserve Bank and to ignore those who are calling for its nationalisation. 

This being said, the ACDP did not appreciate the President’s “dreams”; to many South Africans these are old dreams that belong to the pre-1994 era.  Even before the democratic dispensation of 1994, most South Africans living in informal settlements dreamt of living in modern brick houses that would give them a sense of dignity.

Students dreamt of studying in universities of their choice, graduating and finding competitive employment.  The reality is that after 25 years of democracy, these dreams have not materialised.  So, to hear the President talking about these dreams as if they are something new – was a huge disappointment. 

Another major letdown was to hear the President say, and I quote, “if we are to ensure that within the next decade, every 10-year-old will be able to read for meaning, we will need to mobilise the entire nation behind a massive reading campaign.”  The President knows full well that at the age of 10, we could read with comprehension.  Yet, the President dreams that it will take another decade before all 10-year-olds can read for meaning.

One of the many reasons why most 10-year-olds cannot read with comprehension or write legibly, is because the department of basic education has not prioritised basic reading and writing skills.

The ACDP calls on government to abandon their wicked plans to introduce new textbooks on Comprehensive Sexuality Education that will teach 9 and 10-year-old pupils about masturbation and oral sex.  Comprehensive Sexuality Education does not have the best interests of African children at heart. 

Government should instead focus on ensuring that they are equipped with mathematics, science and robotics and basic computer skills, in addition to reading and writing skills.  The ACDP applauds the proposal to introduce subjects like coding and data analytics at primary school level.

Speaker, the President also said he is “committed to building an ethical state in which there is no place for corruption, patronage, rent-seeking and plundering of public money.”  If he is indeed committed to this, why did he appoint certain cabinet ministers with allegations of corruption hanging over their heads?

Mr President, actions speak louder than words.”

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Date published: 11/07/2019
Written by: ACDP
Article source: Supplied


  1. Absolutely NO.. we have enough outside influences that have pushed young children into sexual awareness before they are mature enough to make responsible decisions. Leave the children to develop at their pace. It’s disgusting how adults want children to be at their sexual level so that they can take advantage of them instead reaching children with respect at their innocent level. This move will have children of 9yrs and upwards pregnant because they have been primed by sick teachers elders parents for their own sick urges! SO IT’S ABSOLUTELY A HUGE NOOOOO!

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