Written by: Dr Belinda Spannenberg
Article source: JOY! Magazine

The heavenly prophetic clock is ticking. I saw the time sitting at 11:55 in the throne room, I knew that the window for bringing in the final harvest is fast closing, and Abba is calling us to win the lost at any cost in this season.

A recent prophetic vision
In a recent vision, I was with the Lion of Judah. He was running through the harvest fields in the nations. I saw the harvest, golden wheat fields stretching to the skies, they were full and ready for harvesting. He ran through the field and I flew with Him as an eagle (the prophetic). As the remnant army of God joined us, their swords transformed into golden sickles (Isaiah 2:4) as they reaped the harvest, angels co-laboured with us to bundle the wheat into sheaves and lay them on a heap. We worked with acceleration and when the sheaves were done, we were suddenly caught up into heaven and a room prepared for a wedding banquet. God is calling us, with urgency, outside the walls of the church to bring in the final harvest before the trumpet sounds. How much chronos time we have, only God knows, but the kairos time is running out speedily.

The final harvest
In Pentecost 2020 the Lord said to me, tell my church to use the talents I have given them to win the lost or I will judge them according to Matthew 25. We’re carrying talents and mantles, for which the Father expects a return on investment – that return looks like souls that will increase His kingdom. There is a clarion call from heaven away from church-based programmes to spirit-led encounters aimed at preparing the Bride and reaping the final harvest.
Are you in alignment and position with heaven’s spiritual GPS co-ordinates right now? If not, this is your time to gird up your loins and get reaping!

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Date published: 24/04/2022
Dr Belinda Spannenberg – Founder of Awaken Global and Prophetic Edge International. Email

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