Written by: Robbie Cairncross
Article source: JOY! Magazine

It has been scientifically proven that your environment can either add to your wellness, or take away from it. More and more people find themselves today on the ‘hamster wheel’ of life. Getting up early in the morning, working hard, getting nowhere, and never having enough. They seem to be surrounded by stress and anxiety. No time to think or even focus on their own wellness.

The Bible has all the answers
Stress and anxiety seem to be affecting most of the people I meet. There are a few simple contributing factors that are a positive antidote for the high level of toxic negativity around us. From a Christian perspective, we are blessed with a number of ways of dealing with the tribulations that life often brings.

Look to Paul’s example
In 1 Corinthians 2:2, Paul declares that all He wants is to know Christ and Him crucified. This focus on the Cross allows one to leave their burdens crucified with Christ, and enjoy a burden-free life resurrected with Him through the Cross.
Another help for me is to know that in this world we will have tribulation, but with Him we will come through this (John 16:33). This hope gives us good cheer, carrying us through difficult times into a place of victorious freedom, which He has for us. 

Practical steps
Another way to ensure a healthy lifestyle alongside the spiritual is also to adopt a practical approach:

• Environment: Surround yourself, whenever possible, in a quiet, natural place. Take a walk along the sea side or through the forest. Get into an outside space where you can think, contemplate, meditate, and pray.
• People: Help someone. Jesus modelled this healthy lifestyle to others. He ate, sat, cooked, and chatted with those around Him. This interpersonal interaction is very healthy. Be with friends around a table. Agree, disagree, laugh, and cry together. Everybody needs somebody. Be someone’s medicine. Be kind.

A gem of a guesthouse
My God-given mandate from more than three decades ago was, “Robbie, take My healing
everywhere.” In line with this, we have a special place of peace that adds to one’s health. In 2005, we built West Coast Guesthouse – Graceland, in which many have found themselves and experienced His tangible presence, leaving unburdened, relaxed, and revived. 

A great place for relaxation
West Coast Guesthouse is 20 minutes from Blaauwberg, and has a few apartments, a few suites, and other great living spaces with private entrances. This ensures you have a wholesome deserved time of a well-nested getaway in the Grotto Bay Private Nature Reserve. There are great hikes and sit down areas along the pristine West Coast sea side. Sit around a table and chat. You may even be able to book a one on one coaching or counselling time. Here even the fresh air is healthy. To book your place of peace, go to www.guesthousewestcoast.com

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Date published: 11/09/2019
ROBBIE CAIRNCROSS is available to minister. Visit his website www jesusbesetfree.tv or email robbie@jesusbesetfree.tv or call 083 989 8149.

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