Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

Game Changer! ConCourt Ruling Restores Power To The People!

The Constitutional Court ruled parts of the Electoral Act unconstitutional on 11 June 2020 – signaling a momentous shift in South African politics. The Court suspended the ruling for 24 months to provide Parliament the time to amend the Act. This historic ruling will allow independent adults to stand as candidates in the Provincial and National (General) Elections.

Former Western Cape provincial MEC, Michael Louis who spearheaded the court challenge along with the “New Nation Movement” welcomed the ruling as a victory for civil society and a “game changer” for South African politics.

The Electoral Act permits only political parties to contest the General Elections. Under the current system, the South African electorate votes for a political party and the party bosses select the candidates for provincial legislatures and Parliament. Typically, candidates selected by party bosses are beholden to them and not the voters. This system is abused by political parties to the detriment of the electorate and the nation generally. 

Parliament must now begin the process of amending the Electoral Act to include independent candidates in the General Elections. Public participation will be critical. The new system Parliament eventually enacts will fundamentally change the way voters elect provincial and national candidates and will hopefully enhance the democratic principle of government by the people.

The inclusion of independent candidates in the General Elections will undoubtedly break the stranglehold of political parties in provincial legislatures and Parliament. The ANC governs in the best interest of the ANC. Multiple reports of corruption, fraud, looting of public funds and gross maladministration proves the current system works best for corrupt politicians only.

In a genuine constituency system, voters in a particular voting district can elect a competent and trustworthy candidate to represent them in Parliament. The candidate then is directly accountable to the electorate in the voting district – and not a party boss. This system will therefore restore power to the people which is the original intent of a constitutional democracy.

Family Policy Institute

“Cause for Justice” reports, Parliament’s Select Committee on Security and Justice adopted the “Civil Union Amendment Bill” on 12 June. The Bill will abolish the rights of civil marriage officers to object to presiding at same-sex unions on religious grounds. The Parliamentary Legal Services briefing to the Select Committee is apparently “riddled with errors of law, ostensible biased legal interpretations and other deficiencies”. This is an abuse of power.

The DA led W/Cape provincial government appears to be motivated more by ideology than the will of the people. It has publicly announced its unwavering allegiance to the LGTBQ cause and dismissed the beliefs and Biblical convictions of Christians as bigotry and discrimination.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) proposal to provide Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) students special protections is a case in point. This dangerous proposal attempts to “affirm and celebrate” children struggling with sexuality and gender identity issues and compels schools to promote the LGBTQ lifestyle to all students regardless of convictions.

Please scroll through Family Policy Institute’s final submission on this diabolical policy to get a sense of the danger it poses to both parents and children.

Please make your voice heard on this critical issue by writing to Adv Lynn Coleridge-Zils at Lynn.Coleridge-Zils@westerncape.gov.za by 19 June 2020. Your submission does not have to be lengthy. But your opposition must be written in your own words and registered for the children’s sake.

Both the ANC and the DA often use their respective majorities to impose the ideological agendas of well-financed groups on the nation. Certain political parties believe constitutional rights like freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, thought and belief and freedom of religion can be severely limited or even eradicated to advance a particular party agenda. 

Tragically, most political parties have become a law unto themselves. Serving the personal agendas of party bosses and party officials take precedence over the needs of the people. The State Capture scandal and the current state of politics leave no doubt we need fundamental change in South Africa.

However, the ConCourt has done its duty. It is now your and my duty as citizens to restore our democracy. What transpires over the next 24 months and on Election Day in 2024 will ultimately depend on our actions. God has given us an opportunity to take back our nation. We dare not squander it.

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Date published: 17/06/2020

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