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In a judgement handed out in March 2017 in the case of Mphela v Manamela and others (2016), case no 1/2016, Seshego Magistrates Court, the Equality Court in Limpopo, a transgender secondary student was represented by the South African Human Rights Commission.

In this matter the boy testified that he identified as a girl and was using the girls’ toilet facilities as a result. The Court ruled that the school must provide a “safe, protective, and stress free environment” for all learners.

It is as a result of this case that the Western Education department has now developed guidelines. According to the Western Education department, the purpose of the guidelines is “to sensitise all public schools and school communities to assist in creating an educational environment that does not discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including, gender, sex, sexual orientation, conscience, belief, culture and birth, among others”

Included in the drafted guidelines, is a provision allowing an LGBTQI learner to use the toilets and changing facilities that they are most comfortable with.

The Public is invited to submit comments. The W/Cape government published draft guidelines on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in Public Schools and invites public comment. Please email Adv Lynn Coleridge-Zils at Lynn.Coleridge-Zils@westerncape.gov.za

This case will set a precedent for schools in the whole of South Africa. If these guidelines are approved, the implications are far reaching in that, it means that biological males will be able to enter the toilet facilities and changing rooms of biological females.

Click here to read the full guidelines

Please go to the ForSA (Freedom of Religion, South Africa) website for more information on this matter. Or read Sexual & Gender Ideology Indoctrination Escalates At SA Public Schools!

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Date published: 17/06/2020

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  1. I will definitely get my comment in today. This, of course, has been operative in USA for quite some time where so called transgenders are allowed to use toilet facilities of gender with which they identify. My niece is so frightened of what she may encounter in the loo that she goes to school extra early to use the loo and not be disturbed and then doesn’t drink anything all day at school so she doesn’t need to re-visit the facilities. How unfortunate. Those who are comfortable with the way they were created are being penalised. But of course their feelings don’t seem to matter. My suggestion is to have 4 types of facilities. Biological male, biological female, transgender female, transgender male. That would likely put an end to this silly nonsense. My niece says some of these so called transgenders change their minds about who they identify with from one day to the next.

    • there is no such thing as gender identity or transgenderism

      it was considered a mental disorder…. there are only two genders, end of story. some people feel they can’t walk, but they can, or only have one hand, but they have two.

      there is only male and female, end of story. this ridiculous PC/cancel culture/liberal agenda can go choke on itself.
      transgenderism is a mental disorder, end of story.

  2. Why do thousands have to change because of one? Let these abnormal ones wait until they are 21 and sure of their gender before they force their differences on others!

  3. The Word of God the Bible is our standard for living as a Christian.
    You are for God’s word or against God’s word… there is no middle line.
    The Bible clearly says in 1 Corinthians 6:9 that people who practice this evil will not inherit the kingdom of God. That is why God will hold accountable the law givers of a country because the law is to protect the people from hell and to show them what is right and what is wrong. There is only One Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ and you have to make a decision to follow His word or to go against it. That is why the law has to be based on God’s Word because all other ground is sinking sand.

  4. Girls who were created as girls need to be respected its just so unfair for lots of girls to feel unsafe in their bathrooms to accomodate the few male students who want to be recognised as girls and want to use girl bath rooms. Girls will feel unsafe. Society can not advocate situations where large groups feel unsafe to accomodate the few individuals who have issues with who they are.

  5. Terrible times we live in, now, at the end…..
    When evil is called good and good is called evil. Whatever any of us say, they will go ahead with these new rules anyway, just as they will all over the world eventually. Because modern mankind must be gratified no matter what the issue is…… He has become his own god, to be worshipped and adored……. Leave them alone, we are going home soon anyways.

  6. I do not want my child especially my daughter to be exposed in the privacy of the bathrooms at school. It’s ethically wrong. She also have a right and need to be protected

  7. What about the rights of children that are NOT comfortable with sharing bathrooms with transgenders?? You want to change the world for a minority group but what about the rights of straight or the majority children??
    Make a separate bathroom for those children. Then you are operating fare towards the rights of all children!!

  8. This is what they want the lucifarian sects so they can control the confused generation to do their will which is satans will to destroy the image of God.

  9. I object strongly against the transgender guidelines!!!! You have a responsibility to protect children not to expose them!!!! Stop this madness now!!

  10. This is unacceptable. Why should the majority of normal children be subject to one child’s abnormal behaviour. There are two genders. Male and female

  11. As Christians we are faced with a dilemma. God demands that we even love our enemies.To quote scriptures to unbelievers who detest the Bible, is of no use. They detest it because they would need to change their lifestyles. We need to accept that every person has a right to an opinion, whether right or wrong. To discuss or argue over this dilemma under discussion, will not achieve much except perhaps further alienation.Jesus warned us that in the last days things would really get bad. I don’t think any of us thought it would be this bad! So what do we do? We point out the false beliefs and pray. God has given us this all powerful weapon of prayer but we are into microwaving while God is into marinating. We don’t wait well. Waiting shows that we are trusting God. Can we trust Him?

  12. This is getting ridiculous! A man is a man and man and woman a women XX and XY chromozomes. It is a mental disorder to think otherwise and must be treated as such. We cannot continue to stand back and allow this craziness to continue like this. For evil to prevail good people must do nothing. We cannot allow this madness to continue unopposed. We are being pushed too far. Signing petitions and shaking our heads is not enough anymore.

  13. God is sovereign. HE does not make mistakes. HE makes male and female. So, if you are born male, you are male. Only satan lie to people, telling they are suppose to be on the other side. Keep only two genders and keep them apart.


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