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Wednesday, July 01, a day which should have been about celebrating the entrance of a new month was a sad day in history as it ushered in the beginning of dictatorial and draconian legislation that will have the effect of forcing people to deny and disobey the tenets of their faith.

It was a day in which parliaments second house, the National Council of Provinces adopted the Civil Union Amendment Bill.

Adoption of this bill, in practical terms means the removal of the “conscientious object clause” contained in section 6 of the Civil Union Act.

What this in turn means is that all marriage officers under the State, i.e. Home Affairs officers and judicial officers (Magistrates) are obliged to solemnize same sex marriages irrespective of what their faith, conscience or belief is. Should any such officer object to this, their only option will be to look for alternative employment.

Not only is this a highly discriminatory practice to members of the Christian faith, but it is also in violation of the Freedom of religion clause contained in the South African Constitution. The right to freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa. Chapter 2 of the Constitution of South Africa, containing the Bill of Rights and states that everyone has the right to freedom of religion, belief and opinion.

Rights must be balanced and cannot be awarded only to one group of people at the detriment of another group. the Church of Christ represents an overall 80% of people in South Africa and can no longer be held ransom to a minority group of people who have other options.

We can safely say that Freedom of religion is a farce in South Africa and that the Church of Christ, has above all, been targeted by a draconian state that wants to impose CRL regulatory laws and other pieces of legislation that are intended to muzzle and disable it from operating.

This is not advancement of Human Rights but is rather advancement of Human Wrongs.

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Date published: 02/07/2020
Dr. Pearl Kupe is an attorney and international consultant to world leaders and international organisations. She is the international president of the Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com

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  1. So now, instead of us all being equal.. The minority gets all the say, the majority has to just shut up and get out of the way….. So much for it being about human rights


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