Written by: ICC (International Christian Concern)
Article source: www.persecution.org

Two months ago, suspected Fulani militants in northern Cameroon attacked villages in Wum. During the attacks, they killed a man named Angus Fung, who had served for years as a Bible Translator. Angus and others with him helped write the New Testament into the Aghem language for the people of Northern Cameroon. Though it is more likely that this killing was due to the civil strife taking place in Cameroon, it does not lessen the sadness of the loss.

Just this past Sunday, another man named Benjamin Tem, who had been on the same project as Angus Fung, was also killed in his home. Again, locals of the village said that it was Fulani militants who had been ordered by the government to attack any individuals or groups who were helping the separatists. If this is the case, then this again is more political driven than religiously, but it also shows that the government in Cameroon must do more to protect their citizens.

If it is true that the government in Cameroon has hired mercenaries to attack their own people, then they must be held accountable. Allowing groups to attack villages, destroy homes and kill people should never be justified. This is a wrongful act by the government against its own citizens if true. If it is false, then they must ensure the safety of their own people from outside entities who are looking to hurt those they are sworn to protect. Whichever the case, please be praying for the safety of the Christians in Northern Cameroon as the fight continues to grow between the Anglophone and Francophone populations.

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Date published: 29/10/2019

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