Written by: Sophia Roman
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It was Monday evening, 23 March, 2020. The entire nation was sitting in deep suspense, waiting for an urgent broadcast from our President, Cyril Ramaphosa. No one wanted to miss this all important announcement. The wait was long, eventually the President spoke:

“My fellow South Africans…” It felt like lightning ran down my spine. The feeling of uncertainty, the sense of fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Covid-19 invaded our lives and interrupted planning for every South African, and the world as a whole.

And so it was for Osnofla
The President announced a lockdown for 21 days, starting from midnight 26 March. It was at this point when Osnofla recalled his miracle. He is working as a stage builder for a local filming team. It has been a dream of his to work for an international filming company. Four years ago he applied for a job in a first world country. The last three years were a screening process. 400 candidates applied for the same job, and only 4 were shortlisted and selected. Osnofla remembers the mixed emotions of thrill, pride, excitement, and tension as he got the news that he had been selected for the job. A better lifestyle was awaiting his family. He would leave on 26 March 2020.

The President made it clear that all international flights to and from South Africa would be cancelled and all visas revoked. This announcement was two days before Osnofla received his visa and air ticket to leave to start his exciting career. He was deeply disappointed and speechless! He was so ready for this trip. His visa and passport were all in order. He did not know what the future held.

Reaching out to the community
Pastor Owen Hendricks, founder of Jesus the Healer Outreach, lives with his family in Mitchells Plain. At the beginning of lockdown, he sensed in his street the fear of the unknown, uncertainty, and panic. He could sense the feeling of insecurity and depression sparked by Covid-19. “I cannot allow it,” he told himself. Nudged and prompted by the Holy Spirit, he submitted in obedience. Pastor Owen took his public amplifier outside of his gate. He started to sing songs of hope and the air began to be filled with optimism and life. The sound was so loud that over 100 homes could hear him clearly. Soon, one by one, people came out of their homes and moved to their gates. Not long after they brought their chairs and children and listened to anointed music. His neighbour brought his guitar and microphone and a formidable worship team was formed.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” – Romans 8:28

The presence of God filled the streets
People everywhere flocked to their gates. Many joined in singing and worshipping. Pastor Owen then preached a message of hope and made an altar call for those who would want to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. People everywhere raised their hands and prayed the sinner’s prayer. One of those indicating to receive the Lord was Osnofla.

Osnofla’s life was changed forever
He speaks with great joy of his new relationship with God. He understands why his trip was delayed. His appointment was not to start a new job at this given time, but instead to start a new life in Christ. God visited their home. His wife has a new husband and his son has a new father. The power of the Gospel preached in simplicity reaped a harvest of several homes in the street where Pastor Owen lives.

The good news is not over! As soon as international flights operate, Osnofla will be leaving to fulfil his passion and dream as a new creation in Christ. To God be the glory!

Reflection: What has been your disappointment?
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Date published: 11/07/2020
Feature image: Pastor Owen Hendricks
Sophia Roman is a pioneer, visionary and life transformation coach. Sophia and her husband Theo pastor the West Reach AOG Church in Mitchells Plain.

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