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Where does the journey with Medical Grade Ozonated Oil start? Well, to tell you this story let’s first introduce the key players in this space, Ms Venetia Kruger and the late Dr Julian Holmes. They met in 2013 when they were engaging with discoveries of the Mega Oxygen product – the only oxygen therapy in capsule in South Africa (yes you heard right!) During their business partnership, over the years that followed, they learnt so much from each other about the great opportunities for health within the oxidative therapies field. Each a pioneer in their space of it – we focus here on the discoveries of the late Dr Julian Holmes.

What does it work for?
Well, I guess the list of what it doesn’t help with is so much shorter. Nothing. Simply put zilch – nada – nothing.

Mega Oxygen
Mega Oxygen™ is a natural systemic blood oxygenator that boosts the immune system through a chemical process aimed at assisting the body in its fight against viral and bacterial infections. Studies have shown that Magnesium is crucial in the development and maintenance of bones, as well as the proper function of nerves, muscles, and many other parts of the body.

Oxygen Products

How does it work?
Why does it work?
To understand this, we need to understand what ozone is (apart from what we learnt in school years that it is a layer in the atmosphere – and that has a hole in it). Let’s take a small chemistry class and explore one of the wonders of God’s creations, one that mankind has never properly evaluated for its gracious gifting.

Getting into the science
Ozone is a highly effective and reactive gas that is composed of three oxygen molecules (O3). Due to its instability and reactivity, it is extremely volatile to handle. It’s a very hazardous process if something goes wrong. Remember, oxygen molecules keep fire alive – and Ozone has 50% more oxygen atoms than Oxygen (O2) does.

What is the process?
Would binding such a powerful oxidative agent to certain oils allow for application? Well, first it is an intensive three-week process to bind the oil with ozone molecules – this process takes nothing less than gauging quality controls and testing molecular structuring. This is not a high-volume item that gets manufactured anywhere else in the world.

Oxidative Stress
Oxidative stress is a phenomenon caused by an imbalance between the production and accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells and tissues, as well as the ability of a biological system to detoxify these reactive products. Reactive oxygen species are highly reactive chemicals formed from O2.

Oxygen is one of the wonders of God’s creations, one that mankind has never properly evaluated for its gracious gifting.

The symptoms of oxidative stress are as follow:

• Fatigue
• Memory Loss or brain fog
• Muscle and/or joint pain
• Wrinkles
• Grey hair
• Decreased sight
• Headache
• Sensitivity to noise
• Susceptibility to infections
• Unstable blood sugar levels

Think you might have oxidative stress?
Well, here’s how we work at combating it and relieving symptoms of it. Drink Mega Oxygen – 3 capsules! But now, aren’t we talking about oil?

Yes, let’s get back to that. So, the application of our golden treasured ozonated oil breaks down oxygen molecules to help regenerate cell recovery and optimise healing. This is very important, as you can imagine. Cells need sugars, minerals, and oxygen to rejuvenate.

Disinfecting and bacterial stabilising mechanism
Ozonate oil is both an oxygen-enhancing cell food, but also a disinfecting and bacterial stabilising mechanism. How so? Well ask any wound care specialist, they would never put oil on a wound as it would be a breeding ground for bacteria.

To a head nurse of an ICU ward’s surprise when she did this in early 2021, we treated a patient with osteomyelitis. This with a topical application and drinking Mega Oxygen capsules daily. Today, a year after the patient has also undergone surgery, he has full mobility back with no symptoms or signs of reinfection.

This product might just be a secret to better health when faced with the burdens of oxidative stress.

Medical Grade Ozonated Oil is truly an undiscovered gold mine, a true beacon of health and healing.

Above: From a fully infected wound, with gushing implications of health and pain – we show you how within 5 days the oil healed up and closed the wound.

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Date published: 14/03/2022

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