Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) presented its strategy to Parliament on “Reducing Teenage Pregnancies In South Africa.” The teen pregnancy statistics are truly horrifying. They reported 136,386 pregnancies in the age group 10 – 19 years in 2020 alone.

Child pregnancy rates are increasing alarmingly in South Africa. The graph below illustrates this. These figures indicate teenage pregnancies in the age group 10 – 19 years.

2017: 86,721
2018: 123,678
2019: 129,223
2020: 136,386
2021: 36,262 (first quarter)

Tragically, girls in these age groups appear to be the most vulnerable in South Africa. Rape, abuse and HIV infections are also highest among teenage girls. What we are witnessing is the ANC government reaping the moral devastation of its “sexual rights” policies.

The shocking fact that 14,176 girls aged 10 – 14 fell pregnant in four years reveals a catastrophic moral crisis in SA. Family breakdown is the root of the problem. Millions of children receive little or no moral guidance or values from parents, schools or government.

Incredibly, the DBE’s strategy to reduce teen pregnancies is the national roll-out of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) in schools. A study on the outcomes of CSE in schools in 103 countries revealed it did more harm than good. That’s because CSE takes a “sexual rights” approach rather than the more sensible sexual health approach.

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga argues the implementation of CSE and provision of abortion services will reduce teen pregnancies. Motshekga also claimed CSE has been part of SA school curriculums since 2000. What she can’t explain however is why we have a teen pregnancy crisis in SA if CSE programs were taught in schools for the past 20 years!

The SA government signed onto CSE in 2013 at a meeting convened by liberal Western-European governments and UN agencies. The implementation of CSE in SA schools is funded and controlled by UNESCO – a UN agency with links to radical global sexual rights groups.

CSE will fuel the teen pregnancy crisis in South Africa. This foreign devised program has been piloted in certain provinces since 2017. During this time teen pregnancies skyrocketed.

Family Policy Institute

Significantly, however, “Smart Choices” a values-based sexuality education curriculum developed by Dr. Darleen Edwards-Meyer – an imminently qualified South African educator – to specifically address the unique challenges facing South African children has produced encouraging results in school trials where teen pregnancies were a major problem.

What children desperately need is parental love, guidance and discipline, a stable home life backed by an education system that instills Biblical values and principles. They also need positive role models. Tragically, government policies have undermined marriage, the family, parental authority and misused the education system to advance its ideological agenda.

ANC Governing failures have become tragically apparent in the education sector. The decline of educational standards, teachers sexually molesting learners, rape, abuse, bullying and child-on-child killings are escalating in a deteriorating public schooling system.

“Smart Choices” is the solution for the teen pregnancy crisis in SA. It equips children with the values and principles they need to navigate a culture saturated by sexual rights deception.

The great news is “Accelerated Education Enterprises” (AEE) partnered with Dr. Edwards-Meyer to print and distribute the “Smart Choices” text books and training modules countrywide. AEE’s considerable expertise in education will enhance the program’s success.

We have six weeks to urge parents to contact their child(ren) School Governing Body (SGB) to request they select “Smart Choices” as its preferred sexuality education curriculum. Please visit the Smart Choices” website for more information or to contact Dr. Edwards-Meyer.


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Date published: 14/09/2021
Feature image: Artwork adapted from unsplash.com

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