Written by: Suzette Hattingh
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Blow the trumpet in Zion, And sound an alarm in My holy mountain!…. Blow the trumpet in Zion, Consecrate a fast,…..Call a sacred assembly; ( Joel 2:1a & 15 a)

I, Suzette, looked at the video sent to me about yet another brutal attack and act of violence. I have seen so many of them.The constant bombardment of people killing, attack and fighting tend to eventually desensitize us. “I can’t see this anymore,”I thought and moved on. In that moment it was as if I heard the deep challenge of God in my spirit: “What are you doing about it?” Like so many of us my thoughts were: “This is the end time and we accept it …”

Yes,it is the end time but that does not mean we as the “Bride of Christ” can simply lay down our sword and authority in apathy. It doesn’t mean we do not rise up against this demonic violence that suddenly seem to sweep over the earth!It was as if a could see through the pages of the bible in that moment…

A young warrior run for his life – behind him he hears the war cry of many blood thirsty men chasing the army of Israel. Adrenaline is pumping through his veins as he is running through the lentil field, tears streaming down his face andthe cry of his heart: “Where is the God of our Fathers …!?” Suddenly, from deep within Shammah, determination takes hold and he stops, turns around and faces the men chasing him. Did Jonathan, the son of King Saul, not say: “My God is able to save by many or by few ?”He starts to fight back, his arms aching, his hand clinging to the sword but a deep assurance that great are He that is with him than those who are against him. (2 Sam 23:12)

That same determination rose in my spirit – I felt the stir of the Spirit to call upon the Bride of Christ worldwide to rise into a three day fast with 24/7 prayer to worship. A call to unitedly pray and take authority over this demonic violence, which to me is clearly abacklash from the enemy after there was such a turn towards God in worship and prayer worldwide during Covid-19.

Of course, Satan uses the old weapon of “racism” but our weapons are also not new – it is not in flesh and blood but powerful to demolish strongholds and all that exalt itself against the knowledge of God! (2 Cor 10:4)

We come in the Name of the Lord … with the humility of the Lamb but the authority of the Lion of Judah. Warrior, arise…

I Call Upon Every Church, Prayer Group, Leader, Nation, Warrior And Child Of God – Let Us Unitedly Arise In The Spirit In Prayer And Fasting!

The Goal: To Humble Ourselves Before The Lord And Then Rise Up In Authority Against This Spirit Of Violence Worldwide.

trumpet call

Date 10-12Th July
Place: In Your Own Church , Community , Prayer Group , Nation , Home .
24 Hour Prayer Link – Book Your Prayer Slot!

You can either stir up and do the prayer action within your own community OR you can join our 24 hour prayer room and sign up for a time of individual prayer and/or with your community and prayer groups at the link above.

United We Are Strong!
Together for the harvest, Suzette Hattingh combined with the body of Christ worldwide. Voice in the City Ev.

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Date published: 09/07/2020
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