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Frenchman Thomas Pesquet has a lot of hobbies. He is a black belt in judo. He enjoys basketball, jogging, swimming, squash and outdoor sports such as mountain biking, kite surfing, sailing, skiing, scuba diving and skydiving.

He even plays the saxophone.

But as an astronaut, Pesquet has been able to nurture another love of his—photography. For those of you who are tired, weary and fearful of the chaos happening throughout the world right now, take a gander at the photo below and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation.

Earth God creation

Pesquet, an engineer with the European Space Agency and a member of the SpaceX Cre-2 mission, which launched in April, took this photograph of the earth, snapped from the cupola of the ISS, reports cnet.com.

“Pesquet’s view of the Earth sees city lights ‘battle it out’ with the light from distant stars,” reports cnet.com. The orange band around the Earth is, according to astronomer Juan Carlos Munoz, the emission of sodium atoms, approximately 90 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.”

It is simply breathtaking.

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Date published: 11/09/2021
Feature image: en.wikipedia.org

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